Monday, June 18, 2018

Valentino's VLTN Collection 40% Off

The Internet is full of discounters but very few sites offer the designer merchandise you really want at great prices. Amuze is a true exception. This online designer boutique just launched a sale of brand new Valentino bags that we've never seen on sale.

Over this way, you will find the newest VLTN collection and other rarely discounted Valentino bags reduced by 40%. Here is a VLTN studded black tote discounted to $1995 from nearly $2900. The same style bag comes in white and a black & white combination. The best part is that you can use the code Lila5 at checkout to save an additional 5% off your purchase, which will partly defray the expense of NYC sales tax.

Other bags that are in the sale include, a cross body studded camera bag that's $950 from $1640 and a crossbody Rockstud hobo is $1595 from $2375. You can click over this way to see the entire selection of discounted Valentino bags.

While you're shopping on Amuze, we suggest that you also check out the men's Ferragamo sale. Classic crown bit loafers are discounted to $395 from $660, oxford lace-ups are $450 from $750 and this moccasin is $600 from $995.

Everything on the Amuze site is guaranteed authentic and can be shipped worldwide. The best merchandise, like those VLTN bags, tend to go very fast. We suggest you get clicking and don't forget to use the code Lila5 to save an additional 5% off your total purchase.

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Chanel Presale Begins Now-- Barneys and Bergdof Pics Added

Details about the Chanel markdown are coming in slowly we are told that Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, and Saks will begin presale on Monday. The Chanel markdown should officially go public on Thursday. Chanel boutiques are not hosting any discounts this season but are instead holding unsold merchandise until next year.


Bloomingdales and Barneys are offering a discount of 40% and the markdown at Saks and Bergdorf Goodman is be 30%.  Below is a selection of Chanel shoes that will be on sale at Saks, Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman. It's safe to assume the sale selection will be about the same at every store.

The markdown, this season, only includes shoes, fashion jewelry, and scarves. For now, we only have information about what shoes will be included in the markdown.

The second price cut usually comes very quickly but it's hard to anticipate exactly when it will occur because of all the changes this season. We will continue to update this post and add pictures as more information becomes available from Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman.

Saks Fifth Avenue: Marjorie 646-552-7292 
Bloomingdales: Dean 646-537-5995
Bergdorf Goodman: CJ 347-229-6159
Barneys: Joseph 212-833-2092

Friday, June 15, 2018

Markdown Sale Cheat Sheet: Online Stores

The weather is finally starting to sync with the calendar date. The forecast for this weekend is beach perfect, which means time is better spent outside than inside stores.

BarneysSaks, and Bergdorf Goodman all took their second markdowns and are offering customers savings up to 60% off. Outside Manhattan, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom are offering similar discounts.

Those shopping online will find much wider pricing disparities. For this reason, we put together a handy cheat sheet that includes Net-A-Porter, Moda Operandi, and MatchesFashion.  Discounts span up to 70% off but you might notice that some of the most highly reduced items are over a year old.  MyTheresa will take another big price cut on Monday-- stay tuned.

For now, please feel free to reference our online discount guide and browse some the best sale items of the season. The discounts we quote below are where you will find the majority of the best sale merchandise, even if markdowns span higher.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

It's Official: Net-A-Porter 2nd Markdown 70% Off

It's exactly a week later than last year, but the mystery is over. Net-A-Porter took its second markdown this morning. The sale includes further reductions with discounts up to 70% off.

Bags tend to go very quickly once the markdown tops 50%. This Off-White tote is reduced 60% off and comes to $510 from $1275. This peach Rocksanda tote is $720 from $1820 and this Valentino studded saddle bag reduced to $1187 from $2375. There are also a few Balenciaga styles available for 50% off.

The bulk of the shoe section is reduced to 60% off. We suggest you start browsing immediately. Sizes are disappearing as we scroll through the pages. Take note, that an item isn't held in even if it's placed in your cart.

We know it's crazy but we are in love with these Vetements x Valentino pumps from this past winter. They are still a bit pricey but love knows no value. An interesting heel is the fashion statement of the Summer. You can go with this JW Anderson rolled heel or this Marco de Vincenzo sandal that's reduced 60%. These Prada rubber slides are great for around the pool and come to just $262 from $655.

From the clothing, we spotted this lace top from SEA that's reduced 70% and comes to $88 from nearly $300. This Dodo Bar Or dress is $196 from $490, a ruffled dress from SEA is $194 from almost $500 and a frayed mini-denim skirt from Alexander Wang is $177 from almost $300. We also really love this red mini denim skirt from Alexa Chung and it's only $102 from $205.

We suspect that the discounts will get even better as the month progresses. Just try not to get too greedy. It's not worth waiting save 10% and missing the opportunity to buy something you've wanted.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Best of MatchesFashion 60% Off

Since we've been trolling the same department stores over and over, we thought we would look outside our most frequent haunts. MatchesFashion has discounts up to 60% off and a selection of items that we haven't seen everywhere (or anywhere) in Manhattan.

Some of the interesting items we found that are discounted 60% off are these Balenciaga 'Hotel Slides' that are reduced to $260 from $650. There are also Knife pumps discounted the same amount and still available in almost all sizes. This is the first time we noticed this clamp belt and it's reduced $275 from $550. Check out these Chloe flatform sandals, which are reduced to $260 from $650.

The site has some Prada merchandise that's also reduced by 60%.  Over this way, are low-heel mules with an oversized buckle for $356 from nearly $900. Some of the other interesting items we found are this gingham sleeveless top with cherry embroidery from Bliss & Mischief for $134 from $335, an Off-White camo parka is $884 from over $2200, a shirtdress from Blouse is $194 from $485 and satin slides from The Row are $312 from $780.

Be careful when shopping Matches, many items are not reduced as low as they are at other retailers. On the flip side, that means that the stuff you want isn't sold out. It's always a worth stalking.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Saks Fifth Avenue 2nd Markdown (Gucci Bags)

Sale season started about a week early this season. Most every other local department store has already taken a second cut on prices. Saks Fifth Avenue was the only neighborhood holdout, well, until today.

Right now, you can save up to 60% off at Saks. The best deals are in the handbag department, where purses are reduced an extra 25% off the first cut, which brings the total discount to 55% on most items. The sale selection is pretty similar as to what you would see most everywhere else. There is a tower of Valentino white Rockstud bags. (We have pictures of the Valentino bags that are for sale at the Saks Flagship here.) This pink metallic Valentino wasn't marked down at every store but can be snagged at Saks for $2677 from $2800.

There is also an assortment of Balenciaga suspects -- buyers seem to have been a bit over enthusiastic about the brand. Here is a link to the Balenciaga City Blackout ($2550 from $3000), which is always one of our favorite styles because it fits a 15" laptop and is very light.  Over this way, we were surprised to find a Gucci Supreme logo hobo style bag reduced to $939 from $1790. There are a few more online. You can check out the whole Gucci sale selection over here.

Upstairs in the shoe department, a lot of the best style shoes are selling out. We saw these Fendi pearl flats in a few sizes reduced to $472 from $900.  Here they are in a heel or a sock-boot. These Gucci espadrilles are under $280 from $630. These Jimmy Choo cork wedge sandals are a steal for $200 from $450 and Manolo Hangisi Berk-style sandals are $500 from $1100. You can see pictures from inside the Saks shoe sale over here but we think that the online selection and prices might even be better than what we found at the store.

The markdown on clothing is a little all-over-the-place. Most of the fanciest European designer clothing is an additional 25% off, which brings the total discount to about 50% off. More contemporary clothing is reduced by an additional 30% off, which brings that savings to about 60% off.  The most attractive items, however, were only reduced by 40%!!??

This floral print maxi silk dress from No.21 is divine but is only available in limited sizes, even in the store. It's reduced to $639 from nearly $1000. This MSGM ruffled dress mini-dress also caught our eye but it needs to be worn with a thick belt or else the exaggerated ruffles will make you look wide. It's just $210 from $525. We even happen to like it in the yellow.

You can click over this way to see pictures of everything (or most everything) we saw at the store today. Last year, the third markdown happened on June 28. We are not sure what to expect considering that Saks seems to be setting its own schedule this year and not minding its neighbors. We. Will. See...

ShopBop VIP Sale Link

The hugely popular Shopbop sale event kicked off today for VIPs. Shoppers can use the code SCORE18 and save an additional 25% off all sale items. The total discount can get as high as 85% depending on the item.

The sale officially kicks off tomorrow but we suggest you dig in right now because merchandise will go quickly once the public is let in. For now, you need to use this link to access the additional Shopbop savings.

This is a great time to grab a new few items for the upcoming Summer weekend. Browsing through the 70% off section, which is final sale, we found a pastel rainbow dress from Tome that comes to $358 from about $1200. (The dress is perfect for daytime with sandals or nighttime with heels.) We also love ruffled Jonathan Simkhai off-the-shoulder dress that comes to $280 from $975. Givenchy round sunglasses are nearly $200 from $500 and this Stella McCartney bathing suit is under $100.

Outside the most reduced items, we love these Aquazzura pool slides that are reduced to $250 from $500, a Caroline Constas maxi dress is $417 from $900 and rainbow hoop earrings are about $29 from $42.

The sale ends Friday at midnight (PT). This is the best deal you can expect, outside of Shopbop's friends and family sale. If you ask us, it seems like a good opportunity to celebrate Summer.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Christian Louboutin Sample Sale Is NOW

Markdown season has turned our attention away from most sample sales but the Christian Louboutin sample sale is too buzzy and legendary to ignore. Before you get too excited, you must remember that this sale is by invitation only.

This season, invitees were surprised by the low-brow Eventbrite sale notification but the security aspect hasn't budged and it's still hard to get in without an invite. The sale Christian Louboutin officially kicked off today to the most important Louboutin insiders-- Instagram stars and magazine editors. The sale extends all week as the invited guest list expands to allow the general press and "friends and family."

Our snoops say that prices start at $200 but most styles are in the $300-range. The most expensive style shoes are $1000. A majority of the heels and studded variety pumps are priced between $300 and $400. For example, Pigalle black studded heels were $400 from about $1100. This season, we are told that there are more options for men's sneakers and shoes than ever.

We are told that shoppers had piles of shoes that were nearly sky high. Usually, there is a shopping limit of five or six pairs but this season customers can buy up to 12 pairs of shoes. We aren't sure if Louboutin is feeling extra generous or if the Cardi B-effect didn't really have a, well, bottom line. Most shoppers checked out with four pairs of shoes. Men were reported to buy more than most women.

Shoppers reported that there wasn't much of a wait to get into the sale today but the line at the register was more than 45 minutes. To make matters worse, inside the sale was hotter than a sauna. If you intend on attending, we suggest you dress in light clothing and pack a credit card with a high spending limit.

Louboutin fans who don't have an invite can save 60% off at Barneys or 40% off at Louboutin boutiques, including Saks Fifth Avenue. It appears as if all authorized online retailers have removed Louboutin sale styles. Fear not, we found some other-- less obvious-- options to shop for red bottoms online. Use the above scroll to see what we found.

Before heading out, you can browse the Christian Louboutin in-store sale section in this post. Follow along on Instagram to get up-to-the-minute updates.

Christian Louboutin Invite Only Sample Sale
Monday, June 11 through Friday, June 15
11am to 6pm
307 West 38th Street No. 3 @ 8th Ave.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Neiman Marcus 2nd Markdown

As predicted, Neiman Marcus started their unofficial second markdown today. Customers can now save an extra 25% off, which will bring the total discount to 55% off. The sale won't be live to the public until Monday but you can access the additional Neiman Marcus discount using this link.

We suggest you use this early access opportunity to grab some of the items that most quickly sold out when Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys took their second discount. For example,  this Valentino pink Rockstud spike bag didn't last a day.  It's now $1572 from nearly $2800.  Over this way, is a gorgeous blue Bottega Veneta woven bag that's reduced to $1400 from $2550 and a Fendi ruffled bag is $1260 from $2800. There is still a large variety of bags from Balenciaga and Givenchy.

We suggest you grab something you like right now, while it's available. The good bags usually don't stick around to the third markdown. If you're a frequent in-store shopper you can get lucky and fight a late-season return but it's not an absolute.

Moving on to shoes, the discount, for some reason, doesn't seem as good. Shoppers can still find a big assortment of Valentino. These classic Rockstud spikes are $435 from nearly $900. Those Gucci sale style shoes are not going anywhere fast. There is still a full assortment of styles and even with the additional discount, some styles are still pricey. These Manolo slides are $380 from $679 and Fendi espadrilles with pearls are $500 from $750.

The clothing discounts are about the same as most other retailers. Some items seem reduced more than others. We suggest you do a search before completing any order or you can just wait for the third markdown when it's hard to find something not to buy.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Markdown Sale Cheat Sheet: Round 2

This week, retailers started taking a second cut on sale merchandise. Usually, stores take markdowns at about the same time, but right now, we are heading into the weekend with a wide range of discounts.

Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman are offering customers savings up to 60% off. Keep an eye on Neiman Marcus, which is scheduled to take its second markdown on Monday but it's more likely to break a little early on Sunday afternoon. The second break at Saks is expected at any moment too.

Moda Operandi is leading the pack of online retailers with its reduced prices. Discounts are up to 60% off on assorted items. Net-A-Porter seems to be running a little off schedule and has delayed its second markdowns. We believe the site won't wait past Wednesday to offer additional discounts. MyTheresa is a great alternative if you're looking to save up to 60% off right now.

We know everyone is waiting for more information about the Chanel markdown. We are hoping to have dates and stock sheets ready to post on Monday. Next week is sure to be even busier, We suggest you put anything you like in your shopping cart and let the sales come to you.