Thursday, January 17, 2019

Neiman Marcus: Extra 20% of Consolidation

Neiman Marcus started its consolidation sale this week. To further tempt customers for the holiday weekend, the luxury department store is offering an extra discount promotion of 20% off. That brings to the total discount to over 80% on many items.

Among the shoes are these Valentino studded boots for $703 from $1800. We are in love with these Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes that are only $311 from $800. They are truly a prize if you fit into the few sizes still available. These Gianvito Rossi color block boots are even a better deal at $300 from $1300. That's not so far from 80% off, which is rarely seen. There are even classic Chloe flats for just $200. Finding your size might be the only issue.

You won't believe the Balenciaga deals. This Balenciaga Cabas style bag is $936 from $2400. We've seen fakes priced higher. We found a small Balenciaga Bazar bag for $685 from $1750. That's almost the same as the prices at the employee sale. There is also this box bag for $740 from $1900.

Upon browsing the clothing selection, we found that many of the best items were only available in one or two sizes. This is the type of sale where you have to get lucky. Check out this Veronica Beard jacket with faux fur cuffs that's $138 from $700. and here is a Brandon Maxwell dress that's under $300 from $1500.

This Neiman Marcus sale officially starts Friday at stores and we hear that Chanel is included in the 20% off promotion. We are waiting to get pictures of what's still left at the store. We are sure it's not much. This promotion will run through Tuesday. The next big discount will start in early February.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Retail Therapy: Penny Karabey aka Luxury Next Season

Retail Therapy is an old Mad-Spy column where we ask fashion insiders for their shopping secrets. Years ago, we featured Eva Chen, Anna Sui, Lauren Sherman, and Norma Kamali. Today, we are bringing it back!

Penny (Pinar) Karabey started her career as a computer engineer. After several years working in IT, she realized that combining her love for fashion and her tech-savvy was a winning combination for success. Penny's online store, Luxury Next Season, spotlights top fashion trends from around the world.

The best part is that LNS offers authentic merchandise that can't usually be purchased online and sometimes you can even snag a discount. For example, LNS carries the very popular Dior Book Tote, the Fendi 'Defender' that hasn't even hit stores, and discounted Gucci. While you're at it, you might want to check out her Instagram. It's become one of our favorites.

Below Penny shares her stories about her prized wardrobe items along with how she avoids the regret of leaving something behind. Read below to find the full scoop and let us know what you think. We would also love to hear your thoughts about resurrecting the column and who you would like to hear from next. You can click here to read through more of our old Retail Therapy interviews.

Your most prized "deal?"
I shop all over the world, I find the best items at local markets and small boutiques as well as from local artists. I hunt for unique and handmade pieces that nobody else will have. I tend to focus on finding fabulous accessories both for my outfits and for my homes.

Biggest regret that you didn't purchase?
I try to live without regrets and this philosophy seeps into my style. If I fall in love with something, I buy it. I only buy pieces that truly speak to me, and if a piece speaks to me, it comes home with me. That being said, there was a pearl embroidered Fendi mink bomber jacket I fell in love with but I just couldn’t justify the price tag. After a few months, I was still thinking about it and I knew that soon it would be gone. I managed to track it down and I am so glad I did. I guess you could say I sometimes purchase to avoid regretting not getting something!

This season you're looking for a great deal on what item?
This season I am craving all things purple! At the top of my wishlist is a fabulous purple coat. I have seen a few but am waiting for one that speaks to me. When I find it, it will become a staple for the season. I am also a bit obsessed with all things Fendi. It’s no secret I have a very special relationship with the brand and right now I am head over heels in love with their Peekaboo Defender cover, a piece of canvas that is placed over the iconic Peekaboo bag. It completely transforms its appearance and gives you the look of a brand new bag--but without the price tag. In fact, Luxury Next Season was one of the first retailers in the US to offer the Defender cover.

What's your number one shopping tip?
I think the best tip I could give to other shoppers is to always be looking. One evening I was on my way to a gala and the most beautiful blue coat caught my eye in the window of a boutique. I knew I had to have it. So I stopped the car and ran inside to buy the coat. I showed up to the gala carrying a huge shopping bag. You never know when you will find something spectacular.

Is there an item for which you never mind paying full price?
I often pay full price, sometimes I pay above retail for things that I truly love. I am also a collector of many things, including Pomegranate related items. (They hold a very strong sentimental connection for me.) I often find things when I am traveling and I have to pay retail as well as pay to have them travel home to NYC. When it comes to paying retail, I find it makes the most sense to do so on a fabulous handbag. Handbags truly make an outfit. Right now I am obsessed with the Dior Book Tote (of which Luxury Next Season's stocks a few varieties) it is both beautiful and practical.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Chanel Shoes 60% Off Finds

Sale inventory at most retail stores has dwindled to what most would consider scraps. The Chanel selection is no different. The big difference is that spotting Chanel at 60% off induces extreme emotions of yearning. 

Before making any purchases of highly reduced Chanel, you need to consider the style and sizing. Compromising either will result in overpaying even when prices are heavily marked down. After all, an ugly Chanel shoe is still an ugly shoe. We will let you be the final judge of ugly and nice.

At Bergdorf Goodman, we spotted a scattering of Chanel shoes discounted 60% off. (You can see pictures in the jump.) Styles and sizes are very hit-or-miss but we found ourselves searching for more. Among the items you might consider, are bowling style shoes for $470 from $1175, thong sandals with a flower are now $340 from $850, flat boots with ornamental chains are $660 from $1650 and slingbacks are $320 from $800.

The Chanel options are very slim at Saks Fifth Avenue but if you set your sights on a less shopped Saks stores you might be able to score some great Chanel at 60% off. We always seem to have incredible luck at the Boca Raton location. Among the deeply discounted Chanel options are furry moon boots for $480 from $1200, clear high boots for $540, and a low boot with Chanel logo at the ankle for $640. (Click for pics.)

The best Chanel selection can be found at Jeffrey. We spotted classic velvet espadrilles, combat boots, sneakers, and tweed slingbacks discounted 60% off. Barneys also has a small selection of Chanel reduced 60% but the selection is abysmal. We posted pictures to quell your curiosity.

Those looking for a bigger assortment of discounted Chanel can search online.  We pulled a few styles above that might be worth corralling. Finding the right Chanel shoe at the right price is like capturing a unicorn and taking it home. Just make sure you like unicorns.

Please only use these contacts during normal business hours and for serious inquiries:
Bergdorf Goodman:
Barneys Shoes: Lauren 917-566-4511
Saks Boca:

Monday, January 14, 2019

MatchesFashion Extra 20% Off

The pressure is on online luxury retailers and MatchesFashion is the most recent site to add a little promotion to their final markdown. Starting today, you can save an additional 20% off fall and winter merchandise, which has already been reduced up to 70% off. Use the code EXTRA20 at checkout to reveal the discounted price.

Any Prada fan knows the value of this houndstooth dress. It's currently 70% off and the additional discount brings the total price to $540 from $2250. A skirt version is also available for a total of $450 from $1840. For a $100 more, I think the dress is still a better value. What do you know, there's a matching purse too.

Among the bags and accessories is this reflective Maison Margiela tote that comes to $560 from $1400. Here is Valentino belt-bag that's under $580 from $1445 and Marc Cross mini-patent leather shoulder bag is $690 from $1700. Shoe standouts include these beautiful Christopher Kane booties are $440 from $907 and Rossie Asoulin sculptural heels that are $300 from $1300.

Usually, the most reduced items are from prior seasons but that doesn't seem to be the case. There is really a good selection from which to shop if you're still looking to boost your wardrobe.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

International Shopping: Stock Check

How often do you place an item in your online shopping cart with the thought that you will make the purchase as soon as it's a little less expensive? I do it all the time. It's such a thrill when you "get" exactly what you want at the price you desire. 

On the flip side, there can be complete and utter devastation when you check your cart to find that the item is sold out or no longer available in your size. Over the past week, we've received numerous laments about missed fashion at Net-A-Porter. Our advice is always the same: Check the international site versions.

The UK variant of Net-A-Porter, has a lot more merchandise from which to choose and you can find some items at even better savings after the currency exchange. For example, this Saint Laurent Domino bag is on sale for $1700 from $2450 on the US site but the same bag after the currency exchange is $1265 on the UK site. That's about a $435 savings. The Chloe Roy bag is no longer on sale on the US version of the site but on the UK side, it comes to $1064 from $1650.

The UK sale stock still includes this Fendi logo tote, this Valentino velvet Rockstud, and assorted Golden Goose sneakers. As a matter of fact, these Golden Goose come to just $250 from $515 in the US. This Balmain sweatshirt sold out during the first markdown in the US but is still available in the UK for 50% off. These Colette x Vetement heels are another perfect example of why toggling over to the international site is worth the effort. They are just $369 after the 70% off discount and owning a little Colette nostalgia is priceless.

After you've exhausted your searches through the UK verson of NAP, you can toggle over to China, which is usually the last region for markdowns. We even found this gorgeous suede YSL bag and this classic Valentino Rockstud tote still available in the sale section. The best part is that you can shop in US dollars and don't need to worry about the exchange rate. Shipping, on the other hand, will cost you.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Inside: Bergdorfs 75% Off + Extra 25% (Pics)

If you're looking to shop truly amazing markdowns, you're going to need to clear your morning and head to straight to Bergdorf Goodman. Right now, designer clothing is discounted 75% off and most shoes and bags are reduced by 50%. A promotion was just added where you can save an additional 25% off most sale merchandise.

This extra discount will only last through Tuesday. If there has been something that you've been eyeing we suggest you get it now. We don't have knowledge of future promotions and, regardless, you're not going to get better savings than these.

We decided to get ahead of the rush and scope out what's treasures are still available. There aren't many handbags left. There are a few Louboutin tote bags, some Tom Ford options, and few pretty Marni styles. You can see pictures from inside the store over here. Online, we found this classic Staud bag that's now $120 from $300, a suede hobo bag with a top knot from The Row is $400 from $1200 and this little Anya Hindmarch cross-body is $330 from $1000.

Upstairs, there are still lots of odds and ends from a very good shoe season. The discount is currently 50% off most shoes and boots. This season, Chanel shoes never integrated with the general shoe population and it seems to be the only brand not included in the extra 25% off promotion. You can click here to see what still remains of the Chanel shoe sale.

You can see pictures of what we found on the sale racks over here. Remember, everything is an additional 25% off. Velvet Gianvitto Rossi heels come to $270 from $800, Manolo BB pumps in classic black are $200 from $625 and these Paul Andrew slingbacks with a low-heel are perfect as an evening shoe for those hight adverse. They are just $230 from $995.

The clothing selection is still plentiful. Most of the sale merchandise has been collected to the third floor. At the store, we found a Sara Battaglia blazer with a faux necktie for just $210 from $1400. It's really one of those items that can really make an outfit and the price is unbeatable. We have a picture over here. An embellished Prada dress is $800 from $5100. Here is a midi-dress from CO that's $300 from $!400, a Johanna Oritz puff-sleeve sweater is $320 from $1300 and this gingham trench coat is $220 from $1500.

You will also find a lot of workout wear and denim. We might even prefer shopping for these categories online. Racks of jeans are usually too crowded and everything starts to blend together at the store. This Ultracor top is $40 from $130 and these Rag & Bone jeans come to only $65 from $195.

Remember, the extra discount will only last through Tuesday and we don't know of any upcoming promotions that will be as good. We suggest you take this weekend and really 'shop-up.'

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Barneys Extra 20% Off Yields 80% Savings (Chanel Too)

Barneys is always the first department store to begin sale season and end sale season. The end is quickly approaching but not before a final promotional push. Starting today, shoppers can save an additional 20% off sale merchandise, which brings the total savings to 80% off on many items.

We couldn't resist from taking a final browse through the sale remnants. Most of the woman's discounted merchandise has migrated to the 8th floor. You will still find sale racks of designer shoes on the 5th floor. Take note, some items that were already discounted 75% off are now priced higher. It's almost as if one of the markdowns were removed. Let this serve as a cautionary note: not all markdowns are permanent.

Some of the sale highlights include these Ben Taverniti lace-up high-waisted velvet pants for $183 from $995. Seriously, they make all your best "ass"ets look great. Try pairing them with this sweater from The Row that's reduced to $575 or this blazer from Boon that's $423. Check out this dress from Proenza that's $385 from $1900. We have pictures from inside the store too.

Nicholas Kirkwood heels are always a good idea at $255 from $800. These Giannico two-tone low boots are $320 from nearly $1000. Nicholas Kirkwood mules are $175 and Paul Andrew silver pumps are only $300 from $945. These sparkle Saint Laurent boots are $360 and Bordeaux Derek Lam suede boots are $225. The best part of this sale is that Chanel is also eligible for the extra 20% off. We can't say the assortment is very good but you can browse through our pictures over here.

One more cautionary tale: The most discounted merchandise is not refundable and can only be reduced for gift cards. With discounts hitting 80% we can't be surprised. This sale should last about a week and then all discounted merchandise will be sent off to

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

FiveStory: Extra 20% Off Final Clearance

The super-chic Uptown boutique, FiveStory, has a bi-annual tradition of hosting an 'Off-Site' sale where the fashion and prices are amazing. The secret is that before the merchandise gets shipped out of the boutique, prices are slashed to the point where about the same as the famed Off-Site.

Right now, you can use the code FINALSALE to save an additional 20% off sale items. The promotion brings the total savings near 80% on many items. The best part is that you don't have to deal with crowds or compromise your shopping experience. And those who aren't in NY can get it now online too.

There are really a lot of great items from which to choose. You might need to elicit the help from a friend to make your final decision. A  Staud bag for just about $100 is hard not to buy. If you don't have an Off-White sweatshirt this is a really good one and the price is very reasonable at $230 from $735. (If you have one, you probably don't need another.) This Rosie Assoulin blouse is an always-classic and is about $340 from $1400.

I'm having a very hard time choosing between these Rebecca De Ravenal polished wood seashell earrings for $115 from $275 and these hanging shell earrings for $130 from $325. What do you think?

Jimmy Choo lovers should get ready to feast. These velvet slingbacks are $230 from $725, these ankle boots are $350 from $1050 and these icy-blue satin embellished pumps are $310 from $975. Aren't they pretty?

Go ahead, take a browse. We promise it's much better than the well-publicized Off-Site. Don't say we didn't warn you.

FiveStory: Rob 212-288-1338

Monday, January 7, 2019

Net-A-Porter Clearance 80% Off

The Net-a-Porter clearance sale kicked off today and some items have been reduced to 80% off. This third markdown is usually a shopping frenzy and attracts a large amount of shopping traffic.

There is a bit of clothing reduced to 80% off retail but a lot of it appears to be from the past Summer season. This can work out well if you're socking up on what to bring on your next vacation. Among items you can wear now (in cold New York) is this Loewe shearling trim leather coat that's $1300 from $6650 or this Chloe double-breasted wool coat is $870 from $4350. An orangey-red Altuzarra leather trimmed dress is $450 from $1400 and a Paul & Joe print dress is $126 from $420.

If you're shopping for an upcoming vacation get ready to make some choices. Over this way, we found a romantic Zimmerman floral print maxi dress for $345 from $1130, a Caroline Constas gingham bikini is $95 from $315 and a Dodo Bar Or romper is $135 from $675. On a side note, this Balmain tank was reduced further and is now $147.

Among the shoes discounted 80% you'll find essentially nothing. There are some shoe styles that were reduced to 70% off but even those aren't great. The selection includes knee-high cowboy boots from Isabel Marants that might work with something. These See By Chloe low white cowboy boots are probably a lot more wearable and easier to digest at $164 from $545. These white Dorateymur ankle boots are an easy "yes" at $171 from $570 or for a little bit more swag you can go with these Margielas $388. for (Sorry, I can't explain my attraction to white boots.)

Moving on, these Castner lace-up espadrilles are perfect to save for vacation or summer for just $55. Here are Rosetta Getty black patent ankle boots for $250. (Better than white?)

We sincerely suggest you hop on the site with a critical eye. This newest markdown is clearly more hype than markdown. This clearance sale will last another week and then for a final push, the site will offer an additional 20% off. Afterward, NAP closes the curtain on sale season.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

The IT-It: Alexander Wang "Nova" Sandal

Despite mild Winter weather, it's still technically snowboot season. Fashion insiders and resort fashion shoppers, however, have their eyes on sandals and sarongs. There is one style of sandal, in particular, that is beginning to sell out everywhere.

Alexander Wang seems to be having an especially brisk resort season. As a matter of fact, the designer's Nova sandals ($550) are beginning to sell out. The high-heeled sling-back sandal is accented with studs along the base and includes a PVC vamp. The result makes your foot look as if it is floating on a bed of studs. The Nova comes in black and "Clay" but that's if you can find them.

You might want to spring on the Nola right now if the style excites you. The shoe style is completely sold out at Barneys. As a matter of fact, the shoe was completely removed from the site. Neiman Marcus won't be getting a restock until April. Bergdorf Goodman has none either.

If this is a shoe you desire, there is some hope. Shopbop customers haven't caught onto the trend and the site still has every size available, This link on Net-A-Porter shows all Novas sold out but there was a restock that is listed here with a variety of sizes. Saks Fifth Avenue has several sizes still left. FiveStory has three sizes of the sandal available. You can find almost every size of the Nova sandal on Farfetch but some retailers are starting to hike up the price.

Part of the sandal's popularity is likely the fact that it's "just" $550. In a sea of $1000 heels, one can justify that this newest trend is already half-price. These sandals are extra versatile because you can pair them with black stockings or tights. We suggest you don't wait if the Nova is piquing your interest. What inventory that still remains will probably sell out before the next big holiday break.

Alexander Wang Nova Sandal ($550)