Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Is the Country's Most Coveted Closet All Fake?

Imagine a three floor closet filled from floor to ceiling with fashion's most desirable labels--Chanel, Hermes, Rolex, Louboutin and Vuitton. Texas socialite, Theresa Roemer's 3000-sq-ft fashion shrine is the stuff girls dream of. Recently, however, the focus of her closet has turned into an ironic twist of fate.

Earlier this month, the famous closet was burglarized of more than $1 million worth of fashion. Surveillance video showed the theif ransacking the she-cave and taking off with three Hermes Birkin travel bags at $60,000 each, ten Rolex watches and ten to 12 Chanel and Cartier watches.

The story continues, this week as the person claiming to be the burglar stepped forward to the Houston Press and alleged that his haul of stolen items are all fake. You read correctly, the former socialite, beauty queen and philanthropist has a 3000-sq-ft closet of fake Hermes, Chanel and Rolexes. To prove his point, the robber sent several of the fake items to the Houston Press and the paper has authenticated the samples as fake too.

Theresa responded with an interview to the  Houston Culture Map, "She never pretended that everything in her closet was high-priced, although she has proof of sale from Neiman Marcus and other retailers for most items...Not everything is a million-dollar design [and] that she never claimed that everything in her closet was expensive," the website says.

This is just further proof that fashion can easily be an illusion and a covetable closet may not be what it seems. Lets chuckle about the robber who got taken and just hope that Theresa didn't file insurance papers.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Saks Spend Some/ Get Some

Saks Fifth Avenue just started their latest electronic gift card promotion. The promotion started online today and begins in stores on Thursday. Online shoppers can use the code AUG2014 and receive their gift card in the mail. As with most promotions, these days, there are lots of brand restrictions. Louboutin, Chanel, Prada, Gucci and Jimmy Choo are just a few of the exemptions.

If you spend... then you get:
$250-$499 ...$50
$500-$999... $100
$1000-$1999... $200
$2000-$2999 ...$300
$3000 or more ...$900

Although there are more designers opting out, Saks has become a lot more generous with their shopping rewards. Looking back into our achieves, back between 2008 and 2011, the reward amounts where half as much. This type of promotion is best used on items that you need now regardless of price or markdown. The gift is just something sweet you can put towards whatever the things you like, as opposed to need.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The It-It: Backpacks Cool for Fall

The only thing that makes Fall tolerable is the excitement of shopping for a new season. When it comes to shopping for the kids, the most important item is always the backpack. After all, it travels with them --all day, every day.

This Betsey Johnson faux leather quilted bag ($58 from $100 at Macy's) is perfect for the more prim gal, Little Miss Matched has a convertible duffle/backpack that's super bright and playful ($29) and Nordstrom has a variety of MadPax's spiked bags ($60).

You can scroll through the lookbook to see even more bags that are sure to keep your kids looking cool, come the chilly weather. The best part is that've all been vetted by the under fifth grade set. So, whatcha waiting for? The bell will be ringing before you know it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

David Yurman Sample Sale Disappoints

David Yurman's sample sales are always a huge draw and we couldn't resist investigating the goods. As usual, the discount ranges from 40% to 60% off but we are sorry to report that the selection is not very desirable.

It took some looking, but we did find a few trays of iconic cable bracelets. These silver bangles with cabochons and a few of these classics are half-off. Among the fine jewelry is a large gold Albion ring with tiger's eye and diamonds for $2250 from $5500 and an X cross-over ring is half off too.

Besides those few standout items, we are sorry to report that the rest of the selection's fate should be the fire as it's rightfully melted into scrap. As usual, we suggest shopping outlets and discount stores for discounted David Yurman. The prices are about the same but the selection is usually not as dated.

We are told that there will be no further markdowns or restocking. Take note that the sale entrance is on 16th Street and not from the inside of Chelsea Market.

David Yurman Sample Sale
Wednesday, August 13 through Friday, August 15
Wed—Thu 10am—7pm, Fri 10am—5pm
410 W 16th St btwn 9th & 10th (Chelsea Market)

The Row 85% Off NOW

Just when you thought you had to wait to get an invite to The Row's next sample, we stumbled upon an epic deal. Right now, Amuze--the online luxury discounter-- is hosting a sale on The Row where discounts top 85% Off.

Take a look: Leather leggings are $395 from $2290, a classic blazer is $295 from $1750 and a classic cashmere sweater is just $180 from $890.

Our only regret is that we didn't happen upon this sale earlier. Some key items are already sold out and it's only a matter of time until it's all gone. Be sure to check out Amuze's other luxury brand sales, which include Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester and Bottega Veneta handbags.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Best Deals on Yoox Now 80% Off

It's getting harder to find good deals now that stores are removing their summer sale merchandise. Good thing you can always find a good discount online. Today, we sorted through thousands (possibly tens-of-thousands) of items on Yoox. Discounts in the e-railers sale section range from about 10% off to almost 90%. Finding the major markdowns is not easy but we crunched numbers like a preschooler chomping on Lucky Charms.

In the above lookbook there is an assortment of more than 25 pieces of fashion all discounted 75% off or more. Highlights include a full length Bluemarine dress that's $160 from $800, a black and silver Dolce & Gabbana cocktail dress for $358 from $1792 and a Roberto Cavailli mini skirt that's $215 from $1050.

Take note, that there is only one size left of many of these items. We suggest you pounce if you like anything in particular. After all, you can't expect a deeper discount.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Scoop Warehouse Sale 80% Off

The Scoop Warehouse Sale begins this Thursday at the boutique's Meatpacking district and Soho stores. Prices will be discounted up to 80% off and will include sweaters, outerwear, dresses, denim, shoes and handbags for women and men.

We got a sneak peek of some of the merchandise that will be included in the clearance promotion and have to admit that it was a bit underwhelming. Highlights include sn Iro silk dress that will be reduced to $89 from $372 and Stuart Weitzman booties that will be just $119 from almost $500. You see, the prices are really good but it's the selection we question.

Once upon a time this sale included great Missoni pieces, Philip Lim, Chloe and we once found an Alaia sweater. Yes, you can find a surprise here and there, but most of the merchandise is the Scoop in-house brand, Rag & Bone and DVF. Men tend to have a better selection at this sale with the inclusion of Martin Margiela and Paul Smith.

The sale runs through Labor Day and will also run online. We suggest surfing from your iPad at the beach because we doubt there will be many items worth missing the last few rays of summer sun.

Scoop NYC Meatpacking
361/973 Washington Street

Scoop Soho
473 Broadway

Mon - Sat: 11am – 8pm, Sun: 11am – 7pm

Sunday, August 10, 2014

David Yurman Sample Sale

David Yurman is hosting yet another sample sale starting Wednesday, August 13. Discounts normally range from 30% to 60% off retail. The sale will only run for three days and could be promising considering the fact that the brand usually only holds clearance sales in March and October. Extra overstock, perhaps?

We didn't find many classic Yurman pieces during the last sale. We did, however, find a lot of Petite Albion items. Rings and earrings with semi-precious stones were 30% and 50% off, depending on the particular item. For example, silver and pearl varieties were 30% off. Most of the jewelry selection was composed of link-type items and a few cable styles. Most of the iconic cable pieces were discounted just 30%. The watch selection was quite limited, but all timepieces were 50% off retail.

If you can't find time within your day to make it to this sale, The David Yurman outlet is always a good alternative.  There are five outlets in the US and their locations are listed here.

David Yurman Sample Sale
Wednesday, August 13 through Friday, August 15
Wed—Thu 10am—7pm, Fri 10am—5pm
410 W 16th St btwn 9th & 10th (Chelsea Market)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Missoni Sale 85% Off

While you've been under your beach umbrella, the Madison Avenue Missoni boutique has slashed the prices of their famous zig-zag designs up to 80%. The discounts include most of what's left over from the spring and summer collections along with a selection of bathing suits, cover ups and home items.

If you head to the back quarter of the store, you will find the entire area filled with deliciously colored discounted fashion and accessories. The sale selection also includes a small assortment of jewelry, men's clothing and shoes and home merchandise. Scarves are discounted about 30% while shoes, clothing and housewares are discounted to about 80%.

A woven dress with a yellow and blue color way is $400 from $1610, a more fancy dress is $250 from $2385 and a small selection of shoes are discounted to $160 from $1150. The sale also included this print dress, this embroidered draped dress, and this long number. Among the home items are beach towels reduced to $100 from $231, throw pillows are $50 from $505, throws are $130 from $485 and two poufs are $200 from $1400. You can see more pics here.

Everything that is available is already on the sales floor. It appears as if most of the smaller sizes have been sold. The majority of the selection is a 38 to a 42. There are really only six pairs of shoes left. Online shoppers can head to the Missoni website but prices are only reduced 50%.

If you're a Missoni lover, this is a sale you won't want to miss. You can click on the jump link to browse a variety of pictures from inside the boutique.

1009 Madison Ave @78th Street
(212) 517-9339

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pics of Bergdorf Goodman's Final Markdowns

Most department stores started their last markdown several weeks ago and the opportunity to snag the season's best fashion for a discount is coming to a close. Today we took a tour of Bergdorf Goodman to get a feel of the selection and values that remain.

Right now, almost all of the clearance items have been consolidated to the sixth floor. The selection is much smaller than we would have expected but there are several pearls among the sea of discounts. A beaded and embroidered Alexander McQueen leather balaro jacket is a show stopper and reduced to $1869 from $7460, a Givenchy blazer in that fantastic floral print we all love is $640 from $2550 and the matching pants are $249 from $990. A white Vionnet dress is $399 from $1585 and a Kenzo denim dress is just $159 from $645. Pictures of all the aforementioned items are right this way.

Heading down to the shoe department, there are still several racks of shoes that are discounted 60% off. Among the assortment are a few styles of Chanel shoes. A blue and white stripped pair of Chanel pumps come to $330 from $795, canvas print booties are about $520 from $1275, pony hair boots come to about $1000 from about $2400 and patent leather booties with the iconic woven chain are $585 from $1450. Clickity-clack here to spy all Chanel shoes that are 60% off.

We are told that the sale merchandise will be around until the end of the month. Frankly, there aren't a lot of super items left. The online selection is different but might be even better. If you're planning to pre-shop for Fashion Week, now would be the time.