Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No Hermès Sale This Season

You no longer need to worry if you haven't received your VIP invitation to the Hermès sample sale. It's not happening.

Sources close to the company tell us that Hermès prefers to liquidate past season merchandise within select boutiques. Since most of the past merchandise is gobbled up during the markdown, there isn't enough inventory to host a compelling sample sale.

Very few stores ever host sales. Annual markdowns can be found at the Wall Street Hermès and the Hermès in Bergen County, NJ. Take note, leather goods are never on sale and they couldn't have been found at the sample sale either.

Although, Hermès decided to abstain from a sample sale this season we wouldn't be surprised if one is scheduled before Spring. Those looking for their golden VIP invites should make a concerted effort to stay close to your Hermès sales person over the course of the year. (Read: buy more.)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fox's Opens on East 86th Street

At a time when off-price stores have been deemed obsolete, Fox's discount department store is trying its hand on the Upper East Side. Fox's is known for their off-price designer and non-designer apparel. It's not exactly our demographic but it's new to the neighborhood-- so we explored.

Inside, you will find a wide range of apparel and accessories ranging from very bad to might-be-okay. Highlights include Lucky Jeans for $59, Nicole Miller dresses for $129 from $420, a Vince Camuto dress for $98 from $198, and a Catherine Malandrino coat for $150 from almost $300. The store also has an assortment of well priced Calvin Klein athletic clothing. If you're wondering, that's the "not so bad" category. (Pictures are over here.)

The most interesting merchandise is a few European brands that we've never seen. A small assortment of Salco coats didn't feel too off from a Moncler. They are made in Italy and seem to be a nice duck down for just $220. Another interesting brand was a French clothing company Eyedoll. Their merchandise. (The quality, although French, was still not so fine.) A Eyedoll tweed dress with orange fringe is $89, a metallic dress with a school girl collar is $98 and a printed sweatshirt with furry arms is $59.

We are sure that Fox's will get a lot of traffic considering it's located at the foot of the 4-5-6 train but we aren't so sure that it's going to become a regular destination for local designer shoppers. Perhaps, markdowns will change our opinion.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Reed Krakoff 80% Off

Most people love Reed Krakoff for his bags. We agree, they are nice but it's always been the shoes that really cause a heart thump.

Reed Krakoff shoes are stylish, yet restrained. They have just the right amount of personality but maintain a strong sense of sophistication. The one problem is always the price tag.

Consider the following information the solution to all your Reed Krakoff worries. Online luxury discounter, Amuze, just posted a flash sale of amazing Krakoff shoes, bags and clothing. The discounts range from 60% to 80% off.

Look at these python sandals are just $200 from $995 and nude booties are $145 from $725. The sale includes a great variety of Boxer bags too. A color block boxer tote is $595 from $1290 and a print micro bag is $425 from $990. Before you click away don't miss this beyond flawless trench that's now $395 from almost $2000.

Besides for this great Krakoff sale, Amuze is also running a pretty amazing Jimmy Choo discounts. Leather booties are about $300 from $900 and Cosmic Glitter pumps are $275 from $695.

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Altuzarra Hits Target

The Altuzarra's collection hit Target today and shoppers pounced. We knew that the designer collaboration would be a big hit among New Yorkers but we didn't think outer fashion sanctums would receive the luxury merchandise wholeheartedly. We were wrong.

Today we traveled to Target stores more than 50 miles outside of Manhattan and found the new collection to be almost sold out by the afternoon. In Marlboro, NJ all that was left were two crane sweaters, four python blouses, about 20 pairs of booties and individual pieces of this and that. The scene wasn't much better in Neptune, NJ were the only items left were some shoes, blouses and a lone pencil skirt. (See photos from our shopping trip after the jump.)

Store managers said that this collection didn't draw people at the crack of dawn but there was a steady stream of shoppers throughout the day. One store manager said that the inventory was a lot smaller for this collaboration than many past fashion promotions.

Target has also instituted a new 14 day return policy. This means that you can expect the merchandise to boomerang back much more quickly than usual. We found that many shoppers would hold on to the designer collab items waiting for a markdown. This time, that won't work.

Altuzarra shoppers will have the best luck shopping online, where most of the merchandise is still available. The kelly green trench is sold out and the faux fur jacket is no longer available online. (Word to the wise, cheap fake fur looks like a bid toupee, just bad.)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Finding Missoni in the Most Unexpected Place

Shopping is a lot like treasure hunting: You tend to find the most extraordinary items in the most unexpected places. Today we struck gold in an old side-street thrift shop.

The NCJW Council Thrift Shop, located on East 84th Street, is one of the last places you would expect to find brand new Missoni shoes and clothing. The inventory includes several pairs of shoes that were in the Madison Avenue boutique just last winter. (You can see that story right here.) There's also shoes for men and a very small selection of clothing.

A pair of architectural pumps is priced at $175 from a retail price of $600 and platform booties are $225 from $900. The men's shoe assortment includes moccasins, driving shoes and a few pieces of clothing. We are told that the Missoni merchandise was donated by the boutique and it isn't the first time that such a generous charitable contribution has come from the Italian company.

We applaud Missoni for their kind contribution that equates to two gifts: money for a worthy charity and a treasure for a keen shopper. Click here to see more pics.

NCJW Council Thrift Shop
246 East 84th Street @ 2nd Ave

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fashion Week Spring '15 Trends: Layered Skirts

Fashion week already starting to wind down. We serving up all that’s smoking hot while we get through the last shows of the week. These top trends are what you can expect to see on the street and in pages of your favorite fashion magazines, next spring.
A skirt is just a skirt unless it's two or more skirts at once. This season designers are layering skirts. We've seen layers of tulle over mini skirts, slips under high slits and short skirts over long dresses. Delpozo, Chadwick Bell and DKNY. Head this way to see the highs and lows of this layering trend.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fashion Week Spring '15 Trends: Hemline Flourish

Fashion week has now half over. We serving up all that’s smoking hot while we chug over this hump day. These top trends are what you can expect to see on the street and in pages of your favorite fashion magazines, next spring.
Sometimes a new trend can look rather outlandish. Perhaps this peculiarity is due to the sheer newness of a trend or a sudden tide change. This season, we are noticing a curious pattern of vests and skirts worn over poplin shirt-dresses. MM6 Maison Martin Margiela, Peter Som and Ostwald Helgason are some of the trailblazers of this emerging style. You can click here to see more about what’s going on over the shirt.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fashion Week Spring '15 Trends: Maxi Coat

Fashion week has officially taken over New York and if you haven't caught the fever, we are here to bring you everything that's hot. We are rounding out the top trends that you can expect to see on the street and in pages of your favorite fashion magazines next spring.

The maxi skirt and the maxi dress have been on the runway and hanging in your closet for several seasons. For Spring 2015 the maxi coat goes into full bloom. The ankle-sweeping coat hasn't been seen on the runway for nearly a decade but started to emerge on the runways last season. The long and lean coat makes for a dramatic and fresh silhouette. For spring, add blasts of bright colors and prints to make a top-to-bottom statement.

Above are examples from The Row, Creatures of Comfort and Libertine. You can read more details about the maxi coat craze, right this way.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fashion Week Spring 2015 Trends: Black & White

We are just a few days into fashion week and it doesn't take long for trends to emerge. We are rounding out the top trends. Expect to see these looks on the street and in pages of your favorite fashion magazines next spring.
Black and white is huge trend that will continue into next spring. Almost every designer devoted a segment of their collection to a yin-yang combo. Going into next spring expect to see your black and whites in parallel lines in all types of variations. Click here to see more black and white analysis from the runway.

Friday, September 5, 2014

7 of the Most Tired Trends

Hot trends can become as easily tired as a song overplayed on the radio. At some point nobody is happy hearing Pharrell’s Happy. The same holds true with styles that bombard you in every store. 

Right this way we've listed 7 trends that have exceeded their expiration date. Not all of these fashions are faux pas but the peplum tops and snarky designer sweatshirts should take a stroll to the bottom of the charts. Ahem, I mean, the back of the closet. Click here to see the entire list items that should be taken out of rotation.