Monday, September 1, 2014

The Most Ridiculous Fashions for Fall

Every season there is a fresh crop of fashion shapes, the-newest-shade-of-black and a fad-of-the-moment. The newness is always exciting but sometimes it seems as if designers are testing the limits of fashion insanity.

This season is no different. Chanel has created a frenzy over $1300 cross-trainers and magazines are urging women to lose an earring. Why do these Dior pumps remind us so much of dentures?  Click here to see 7 of this season’s most ridiculous fall fashion trends. Let us know if you agree.

Spanx 50% Off

Now that Summer is unofficially over, we can take advantage of the Spanx sale without any bikini guilt. The squeeze-me-till-I-bust shapewear company has a online discount section were many popular items are 50% off.

This high-waisted brief is $9 from $19, this convertible full slip is $44 from $80 and wax denim leggings are $54 from $105. The site even has squeezey choices for men. A boxer brief and trunks are both $19 from $35.

Lets face it, contouring undergarments aren't comfortable but it must be better than an old fashioned corset. Right?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ralph Lauren Clearance 75% Off

Ralph Lauren has started another markdown on some of their summer clearance today and most merchandise is now reduced 75%. Although this isn't the biggest sale of the season, you can still find some great items.

In most cases, the Ralph Lauren boutique will match the online prices but you will need to wait for a manager's authorization. In this instance it might just be easier to shop online. This leather-trim short trench comes to just $341 from $1900, this men's officer pea coat is $350 from $1300 and a RXL polo is $45 from $125.

You should take note that only a small selection of merchandise has been discounted the additional 50% off. You shouldn't procrastinate if there's something you like within this promotion. And it's always ironic how much more you "need" an item once you can't have it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Shopbop Clearance Under $100

Shopbop is continuing to add lots of merchandise to it's clearance sections. The best part is of the newest round of markdowns is the huge variety of items that are under $100. (And it's not just tees.)  Purchases you make now should be considered an end-of-summer fling.

Lust over these Clover Canyon dresses in a floral print and garden plaid. They were originally $264 but come to $79, this Jill Jill Stuart long sleeve navy lace dress is $86 from $288 and this Victoria Beckham top is now $98 from $325. If you're in need of jeans, there is no shortage here. These BLK DNM skinny straight leg jeans are $54 from $180, faded bell bottoms from Rag & Bone are $72 from $242 and waxed IRO jeans are $55 from $184.

Take note, all these 70% off items are final sale. The no-backsies rule used to really bother us but we've realized that we never return anything bought online anyway. (Too lazy.) So really, what's the difference?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Rebecca Taylor now 75% Off

Rebecca Taylor is moving the last of summer merchandise by offering shoppers an additional 40% off already discounted merchandise. The final markdown on many items is 75% off. Just use the code RT14LD40 at checkout.

Although we aren't normally a big fan of contemporary brands, Rebecca Taylor always offers sophisticated pieces. For instance, this sleeveless eyelet shirt dress is trendy but not juvenile and comes to under $90 from $395. This little black dress with studded detail comes to about $140 from almost $600 and this chunky pullover is $85 from $350.

The sale just started today and runs through September 2. There are still lots of size options available for most items. We anticipate this wont be the case for long.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

7 of the Best Items for Fall

The September issue of every magazine is out and it’s getting easier to tell what items are going to steal the show this Fall. I don’t think it’s been clearly identified --yet-- but we are seeing a growing attraction to minimalism. Think, 1990s Calvin Klein. (he's about to make a huge comeback)

Say good-bye to oversized jewels, bling, glitter and bedazzle. Say hello to your sleek and more mature sister of refined beauty. The hottest items of the season range from the new Tiffany T collection to Valentino's Rockstud departure. Click, click here to see my full guide of everything you need for Fall.

Saks Late Summer Sale 60% Off

Saks Fifth Avenue is hosting a sale where late Summer merchandise is reduced. The discounts range from 30% to 60% off but the best deals are the bathing suits and beachwear.

While browsing the sale selection we found this floral DVF beach coverup that's less than $200 from almost $500, a Lahco of Switzerland asymmetrical one piece bathing suite is $100 from $250 and this Clover Canyon neoprene dress is about $100 from $270. There is also this Milly crochet tunic that's $108 from $270 and this Oscar de la Renta bikini is $200 from $500.

Sure, it's late in the season but anything you buy now can be put away for your next jaunt to a beachy resort. Don't you wish summer never ended?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Is the Country's Most Coveted Closet All Fake?

Imagine a three floor closet filled from floor to ceiling with fashion's most desirable labels--Chanel, Hermes, Rolex, Louboutin and Vuitton. Texas socialite, Theresa Roemer's 3000-sq-ft fashion shrine is the stuff girls dream of. Recently, however, the focus of her closet has turned into an ironic twist of fate.

Earlier this month, the famous closet was burglarized of more than $1 million worth of fashion. Surveillance video showed the theif ransacking the she-cave and taking off with three Hermes Birkin travel bags at $60,000 each, ten Rolex watches and ten to 12 Chanel and Cartier watches.

The story continues, this week as the person claiming to be the burglar stepped forward to the Houston Press and alleged that his haul of stolen items are all fake. You read correctly, the former socialite, beauty queen and philanthropist has a 3000-sq-ft closet of fake Hermes, Chanel and Rolexes. To prove his point, the robber sent several of the fake items to the Houston Press and the paper has authenticated the samples as fake too.

Theresa responded with an interview to the  Houston Culture Map, "She never pretended that everything in her closet was high-priced, although she has proof of sale from Neiman Marcus and other retailers for most items...Not everything is a million-dollar design [and] that she never claimed that everything in her closet was expensive," the website says.

This is just further proof that fashion can easily be an illusion and a covetable closet may not be what it seems. Lets chuckle about the robber who got taken and just hope that Theresa didn't file insurance papers.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Saks Spend Some/ Get Some

Saks Fifth Avenue just started their latest electronic gift card promotion. The promotion started online today and begins in stores on Thursday. Online shoppers can use the code AUG2014 and receive their gift card in the mail. As with most promotions, these days, there are lots of brand restrictions. Louboutin, Chanel, Prada, Gucci and Jimmy Choo are just a few of the exemptions.

If you spend... then you get:
$250-$499 ...$50
$500-$999... $100
$1000-$1999... $200
$2000-$2999 ...$300
$3000 or more ...$900

Although there are more designers opting out, Saks has become a lot more generous with their shopping rewards. Looking back into our achieves, back between 2008 and 2011, the reward amounts where half as much. This type of promotion is best used on items that you need now regardless of price or markdown. The gift is just something sweet you can put towards whatever the things you like, as opposed to need.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The It-It: Backpacks Cool for Fall

The only thing that makes Fall tolerable is the excitement of shopping for a new season. When it comes to shopping for the kids, the most important item is always the backpack. After all, it travels with them --all day, every day.

This Betsey Johnson faux leather quilted bag ($58 from $100 at Macy's) is perfect for the more prim gal, Little Miss Matched has a convertible duffle/backpack that's super bright and playful ($29) and Nordstrom has a variety of MadPax's spiked bags ($60).

You can scroll through the lookbook to see even more bags that are sure to keep your kids looking cool, come the chilly weather. The best part is that've all been vetted by the under fifth grade set. So, whatcha waiting for? The bell will be ringing before you know it.