Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bergdorfs Watch

I've heard it from three good authorities that Bergdorfs is taking their second markdown on Wednesday. I have called the store and all the sales people are trying to play coy with lines like, "Maybe after July 4th." 

I'm not falling for that July 4th crap and will continue to breeze through without buying a thing until their prices are competitive with other New York department stores (Bloomies and Saks). Neiman Marcus took their second cut weeks ago!

Enough with my ranting... Most Spring/Summer items are currently 30% off but I expect the additional markdown will come to a 50% to 60% total savings. Let's wait and see. Until then we will stay on watch.

Bergdorf Goodman: (212) 753-7300


Anonymous said...

Yes, I was there last Sunday. Who do they think they are? When you can walk down the street to Saks, Barney's and Bendel's, why would you by summer items from Bergdorf for only 30% off? Strange

Steve said...

i was at the men's store yesterday at lunch and there were at least some things at the 60% off mark. jil sander suit from $1800 down to $770 in a 46 (if anyone's interested). there was an advert in the times yesterday saying "up to 60% off."

Anonymous said...

Bergdorf took there second round of discoutns. I was there on Friday.