Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gucci 2nd Markdown

Maura at Gucci called today and said that they are adding another markdown starting Thursday. Most of the merchandise that is now 40% off will be 60% off.

This $1195 rose colored silk shantung top is $1195 today and will be about $479 tomorrow. Go crazy. At these prices you can afford to buy almost anything that tickles your fancy. Gucci-coochi-coo.

Contact: Maura 212-717-2619

As a side note. I was at Bergdorfs --not Bergdofs as yesterday's typo stated-- and they are not yet starting their 2nd markdown. Sounds like it's still about two weeks away. For the meantime, stick with Neiman Marcus' 2nd markdown rather than BG's lame 40% off.


Baby Jess said...

i found your blog through the purse forum. i love it!!! it's sale season!!

Claire said...

love it! i bought 2 pairs of shoes, each60% off for a total of $450 plus tax.