Thursday, June 19, 2008

Saks ECG Event 7/24

The next Saks "Spend Some Get Some" event is going to be July 24th. I know it's a ways away but people often want to time their purchases right so they can maybe get some extra spending dough.

I don't know the what the levels will be but the last event in May was very generous and was as follows:

$250 to $499 = $25
$500 to $999 = $75
$1000 to $1999 = $150
$2000 to $2999 = $350
$3000 to $4999 = $600
$5000 or more = $1000

Those who are not familiar with the Spend-Some-Get-Some lingo can think of it like this-- you buy a $3000 Chanel bag and you get a $600 gift card, which makes your Chanel pumps absolutely free.


Anonymous said...

This I would pass. I got spoiled a month ago when Saks gave me a $400 gift card just for spending $1,000 on 2 purses (bought $950 Prada and $50 coin purse from Longchamps to put me over the top). Then sold gift card on Ebay for $350 :-) Ciao Dem

Baby Jess said...

I am soooo excited for this!! I plan on going to Saks NY and buying the entire store!! I have a question though, do you have a favorite Chanel Saks SA? And when do you actually get the gift card? Is it that day? And can you spend it that day (obviously not use it on your original purchase). Thanks!!

Lila Delilah said...

that's amazing! That means you got two bags for $650. I usually take my $400 gift card thinking im going to use it to get something for "free" and end up spending some crazy amount of money on top of it.
next time I'm going to ebay!

Lila Delilah said...

I don't have the asks contact with me but do a chanel or saks search on the site and you will find 2 names. Both are very nice. The gift card gets mailed to you at a later date.