Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Same Game 6/17

I really "need" a new beach bag and usually love what Prada puts out for cruise in the Spring. This year I was very on the fence about this woven nylon shopper. It's cute but too small to be a real beach bag. (I like a big towel and big sunglasses!) I figured if the bag got cheap enough I might make the leap.

So lets play the same game. 
Originally this Prada Woven Shopper was $1295 (small) and $1650 (large):

NeimanMacus.com: $1088 (small)
Barneys.com: $659  (larger)
Prada: $910 (small) $1155 (large)
Saks: $667 (large--NY is sold out but it's available in Beverly Hills and Boca)


Anonymous said...

I love waiting for sales too! Basically, it's gotten to the point where buying full price isn't worth it, since the sales are starting earlier and earlier.

Yay for recession? I don't know but I like the prices.

Anonymous said...

I saw this bag for 40% off at Prada in Soho.

Lila Delilah said...

When i called they said the bag was only 30% off... They better get their info together!

Anonymous said...

Love how you take the time to do these comparisons. Thanks, Dem