Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jimmy Choo Sample Sale Undone

Friends report back that the Choo sale is a bit of a sneeze. This is how it went down-- Press was given entry at noon, friends and family at 1:00pm and the general public had access at 2:00pm.

The prices are as follows: Shoes are $250 to $275. Boots range about $300. Exotic shoes are $375. The bag selection is small and range from $200 to $1100. The Mahala, photographed below, was $600.

There are no sunglasses but there are wallets, which are $100 for large sizes, $75 for medium sizes and $50 for credit card/business card holders.

The sale runs until tomorrow at 6pm. As usual I say--PASS!


Anonymous said...

I think you used my post from the purse forum. ;) I bought the Malena, which is pictured, not the Mahala. The price was more than $600 but less than $700.
It was a good sale to attend if you were able to get in early.

Anonymous said...

The sale was even better if you went late. I went right before it closed (literally like 10 minutes) and prices were reduced -- I got two pairs of genuine croc pumps for $400 total. Amazing! And I'm a size 38 -- pretty common size.

Lila Delilah said...

Yes I did... If I knew your name I would have given you attribution. Thanks for the info!