Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Barneys Warehouse Sale

Somewhere between their moment-by-moment updates of the 3G iPhone, RackedNY posted breaking news about the upcoming  Barneys Warehouse Sale. Afterwards I received dozens of email wondering why I was ignoring such big news.

To understand my reluctance to cover such an event we will have to go back about 25 years to when I was a wee SIT (spy in training). Barneys was just a men's store and anyone who lived uptown at the time would love to go down to Barneys for one key attraction: Free Parking. 

Back in the day, Yves Saint Laurent and  Pierre Cardin were the important men's designers and Armani was still viewed as trendy. The average price for a very top of the line suit at Saks would be about about $900. Saks would seldom have a sale and when they did, the discount was only offered to their elite class customers. The sale included a mimosa breakfast and a 20% discount.  When Barneys would have their big warehouse sale they would discount the same suit to about $250 to $350. There was no other place you could find the same suit for anything near that price. It was a BIG deal. 

Today most every department store discounts up to 75% off when the want to get some major cash flow. So weathering the Barneys warehouse sale-- the crowds, the piles of ripped and damaged junk, the attitude, the bouncers-- just doesn't seem worth it. After all, there's no free parking!

The Stats:
50% to 70% off designer clothing, shoes, and housewares
Thursday, August 14, through Monday, September 1
255 W. 17th St b/w 7th and 8th Avenues
Their online sale is up to 75% off.

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