Monday, August 4, 2008

Martin + Osa Friends and Family

Sale season has wound down to a trickle I have clearly been avoiding filling your in box with junk. I'm not clearly sure where this next entry falls but friends tell me the store is great. I personally have never been to a, ah, what is it called again: Martin + Osa.

I looked on their site and I think I would pass on their jeans but their cashmere sweaters look nice and I am told that they feel great. Then again, when does cashmere feel bad? Anyway, Martin + Osa is a concept store designed by the folks at American Eagle Outfitters. Yeah, that kind of scares me too. But, again, friends swear the cashmere is great.

From now until August 10, Martin + Osa is offering friends and family 30% off everything in the store. I am told the store is fully stocked for fall so it might be worth a browse. The in-store coupon can be printed from here and the online code is 76952336.

This cashmere v-neck cardigan is $160 but will be just $112 with the f&f discount. Seems reasonable enough to me...


chanello said...

Are you going to report about the Manolo store sale?? The annual summer sale of 50% is going on now w/ replenishments happening at 2-3pm everyday. This is MUCH better than the crazy sample sale that happens around october.

gloria said...

I was just going to say the same thing, it's actually up to 75% off. shoes go from $175 to $500. I was there this afternoon and was only able to get one pair because they ran out of my size (7) in almost all of the styles on sale. This sale is so much more relevant than a Goyard sale happening in San Fran!