Friday, October 10, 2008

Electronic Giftcards Galore (Barneys and Bergdorfs)

Retail is apparently relying on electronic gift cards to stimulate spending. Here we have two biggies offering shopping incentives.

Dates: Oct 10 to Oct 12
Merchandise: Designer Collections, 5f, Shoes, Handbags and Men's

$500-$999= Gift card for 10% of purchase
$1000-$2499= Gift card for 15% of purchase
$2500+= Gift card for 20% of purchase

Dates: Oct 13 to Oct 19
Info: Receipts can be accumulated throughout the event, and you go to the customer service to redeem the gift card. Cannot combine multiple customer receipts. You don't have to be a Barneys cardholder. Available at all stores.

Spend $250, get $25
Spend $500, get $50
Spend $750, get $75


Anonymous said...

Last time Bergdorfs did this the line to get the gift cards was really long at the womens store so if your in a hurry try going across the street to customer service at the mens store. It does not matter what store you did your shopping it.

Lila Delilah said...

Good Call!

Anonymous said...

There's also a promotion from the shoe department (I got a catalog along with a bookmark which lists the particulars). Spend $500 or more and get a $50 gift card (or $100 if you use your BG card). This is good until Jan 31, 2009. Don't know if you can tell your SA you forgot your bookmark, or maybe Client Services will have extras? Doesn't hurt to get some more bang for your buck.

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry, that one expired! I didn't read the fine print! Sorry Lila!