Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ralph Lauren Friend and Family 30%

Ralph Lauren is hosting another 30% off friends and family sale. This time they seem to have mastered the fine print and that $17,000 purple croc Ricky Bag you've been lusting for is not included in the sale. However, the code does work for getting over $1000 off the Ricky Calf bag with gold detail.

It might be worth the extra typing to browse through the "Create Your Own" section of the site. Customizable polos are already reduced about 40% and the additional friends and family 30% makes the shirt half price. Not bad considering that also includes the entertainment of selecting your color choices.

Sale details are below. Thank you Dom!:


Anonymous said...

I went to the sale already and it figures that the one thing I HAD to have was not on sale. Of course it was the last one in my size and color so I bought it anyway but that;s just my luck.

If you know what you want go for online shopping. The temporary madison store is not so well stocked.

Anonymous said...

Was in the madison store today to pick up alterations and it was packed. The sale selection is dwindling fast.

Also alterations are backed up. I was told 10 days which was today and when I went it was still not ready. I was told to come back tomorrow which I'm not happy about.

Anonymous said...

I heard they are having a sample sael December 4th. DOes anyone know where??