Wednesday, November 19, 2008

YSL Starts First Markdown

YSL is about ready to announce their first markdown. ready-to-wear will be 40% off and shoes and accessories will be 30% to 35% off. The sale officially starts Friday but we are told that they will start ringing customers up tomorrow.

I think we will wait until YSL does their second markdown before we do any serious shopping. While on the topic: What was up with those atrocious "Trooper" heels.

Conact: Charles 212-988-3821


WendyB said...

I love those shoes! :-)

Anonymous said...

Went today and was not blown away! They do not have all the muse and downtown bags on sale like in the spring and lots of the bags are left over from the spring. I was hoping for the muse 2 in black patent to be on sale, no such luck. Shoes were okay, but I'm not big on YSL shoes. Didn't bother with the ready to wear.