Saturday, December 13, 2008

Marc Jacobs Mercer Street 90% Off

Seems as if all the Marc Jacobs sales have caused some confusion. The BIG sale is actually at the Mercer street location in the village. The discount is 90% off and the line to get in is as bad as you would expect.

Read this before heading out:

i was outside mercer at 11am. the line is massive, it's all the way down mercer, and around the block, wrapping around the mercer hotel. it's moving 10 feet every 15 minutes and there are just so many people waiting, it must be at least 1 1/2 hours' wait for people who got to the line at 11am prompt. people were leaving the sale with lots of huge, stuffed shopping bags though!

Those who braved the cold were able to score some incredible deals. One woman picked up two bowler style bags, which were $150 each from $1295. Seems like someone who is a bit entrepreneurial and warm blooded could make a killing just waiting in line for shoppers.


Anonymous said...

I heard those who went after 1PM (got in ~4PM) reported there's nothing left worth getting.

Anonymous said...

that's right!there's only some wire color hand bag for $300, shoes that look like 5 seasons ago's left's so not worth to be waiting in line.gosh!bright pink handbag and neon green pump!!!

Anonymous said...

I got on line at 10:30am Sat and didn't get in til 2:30! The selection was disappointing considering that i waited in the cold for 4 hrs (not to mention making a run to J. Crew for extra wool socks to keep my feet from getting frost bite!) There were some multi pocket bags in red, pink and white so if you love those colors, maybe it's worth it so good luck. I was lucky enough to get a white multi pocket bag which i had to settle w/ since i felt obligated to buy after wasting 4 hrs of my day.

Anonymous said...

I went today and waited 45 minutes. there's nothing left so don't bother to go anymore unless you want a pink bag!

Anonymous said...

I saw the MJ line Saturday and decided to skip it and headed over to the Halston sample sale (block away). It was worth it just to see the cool loft showroom and a sales guy that was the reincarnation of Halston himself.

Anyway, scored brown leather belt (Fall 08) for $95 (reg. $450) and signature suede wedge pumps for $195 (reg. $695).

FYI: Saks is offering 15% off perfumes tonight till Midnight online. They must be going out of business. I've never seen perfume offered for sale :-(