Friday, December 12, 2008

Marc Jacobs Sale Continues

SoHo is a-buzz because Marc Jacobs store is consolidating all it's Fall/Winter merchandise and blowing it out. Starting (officially) Saturday, Dec 12, bags will be added to the 70% off sale. Some pre-sales were done Thursday but the phone-in orders became too overwhelming considering the inventory hadn't even arrived. The shipment should, however, be in today.

This Blake usually runs for about $1000 and is now $300.

There are many colors and styles on their way. If you're a MJ fan you might want to start lining up outside with a pot of coffee right about ... now.

Contact: Gabby 212 343-1490
163 Mercer Street


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling the line for this is going to be worse than Prada and Hermes sample sale lines and there is no Marc Jacobs bag ever made that I would stand in line for let along outside in the cold and rain.

Lila Delilah said...

No kidding!

Anonymous said...

what is the location of the sale?

Anonymous said...

what about wallets? are those included in the sale too? anybody knows?

Anonymous said...

Shoes were 90percent off and handbags were 100 to 150 only