Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sergio Rossi Sample Sale

Last week I heard news that Sergio Rossi is giving up their Madison Avenue location. I didn't think much of it because so many stores are looking to leave their pricey locations, but more on that another day. Then I got information earlier this week about a Sergio Rossi sample sale. Also didn't think much of it.

Then this afternoon I got the below email from a friend. It looks like Sergio Rossi may be going out of business.

re: Sergio Rossi Sample Sale

Metro pavilion 4th floor. All shoes 50/boots 100. Men + women.
Tons of shoes but most of the boots and all accessories gone.
Great sale. Big space + everything organized by size. They are constantly tidying up so it isn't a mess either.
I just left with more shoes than I know what to do with--- and there's no line now!!!!

It was freakin' unbelievable.
How they sold a boot marked $1050 for $100 and shoes marked $590 for $50 is amazing!!! Defies logic...
I want to go back....I can barely carry my bags now.


I must resist. I must resist. I don't know if i can!

Sergio Rossi
Tuesday, Dec. 2nd and Wednesday, Dec 3rd.
Metropolitan Pavilion
123 W 18th St between 6th and 7th Aves, 4th floor


Modelizer said...

major props for the heads up, I'm heading out right after work. I hope they still have some good stuff left.

Anonymous said...

Just got back. Amazing that all the shoes are just $50! Running low on 37 1/2 but I managed to find one pair. There are NO boots left.
Evidently the sale was NOT advertised so thanks MadSpy! It was a private sale for the Gucci Group friends and family!!
You should definately go and quick, would not wait until tomorrow - Deme

Anonymous said...

I just got back. Its really slim pickings at this point unless you are a size 4 or 5. If you go you may just end up buying things you don't really want just because of the insane prices.

Anonymous said...

Also just got back - so sad that I didn"t know about this yesterday! I got one great pair of black patent sling back high heels with fabric crossover and fabric sling back (if this makes any sense!), size 6.5, $50!!!, AND I'll actually wear them, so I guess I should count myself lucky! I normally wear a 5.5/6, so there is some variation in sizes, but unless you have a small foot, probably not worth it to go now.

Anonymous said...

I went this afternoon! Got 6 prs. of size 41 & 40 shoes for $300!! Yea Me!!!

Eric said...

Hi, I went to the sale today twice - scooped up 9 pairs - one is a platform ostrich - so nice.

Annett said...

does anybody know their contact info?
I got two pairs of shoes but at the time it was chaotic, around the time they are closing so I didn't check for the shoe clearly enough, so I got 2 shoes all for the right feet. Does anybody know how to contact them and exchange it??

Thank you so much.

Lila Delilah said...

Anette: i can't find a phone number. Try calling the store on Madison. Maybe there that can help you or they can put you in-touch with the sale. (212) 396-4814

Anonymous said...

Wish i found out about this earlier, it was SUCH A STEAL!!!! Love you Mad Spy <3 :)

Anonymous said...

On your receipt there's a phone number--call that.
As a warning--I saw a sign though there that said to check before leaving you have the correct shoe pairs and sizing as it's all sales final. hopefully they'll be nice about it though.