Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jo Malone Friends and Family

Great V-day gift Alert:
Until the end of the day (Wednesday), JoMalone.com is offering 25% off all products. The discount is only available online and not in boutiques or department stores.

We especially love Pomegranate Noir for winter and Honeysuckle Jasmine for spring/summer. A 30ml bottle is $55 and 100ml is $100. We suggest going with the smaller size because it's so much fun to switch scents and who wants to be stuck with an aging big bottle when you can get something new?

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Anonymous said...

I'm stocking up! My Valentines day gift to myself (well that's what the LV wallet was supposed to be, guess I love myself a lot this year).

Good advice about buying the small size. I always go the large is less than double and three times the amount so it makes since to get the large. However that has resulted in me having several bottles with only a third gone before I get tired of them. Plus lets remember fragrances don't last forever, they do go bad and who wants to small like stale citrus?