Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Luca Luca Sale --Wait For the Last Day

The Luca Luca sample is well under way but we have super intelligence providing the last day (Tues. Feb 10th) will host the best deals. Forget about free sweaters or shoes we're waiting for 90% off.

Our spy says, "The one day is going to really be 90% (it’s the last day of the sale). That’s why it's advertised as a separate one day only sale. Prices will be 90% off (seriously) the retail tag."

But we still need proof and the informant responds:
Style # Padora- Beaded dress- was $3900, now $390
Style# Indu- Pleated skirt- was $1,960, now $195
Style # Chonna- Floral satin shirt- was $980, now $100

Well there you go. Wait until the last day of the Luca Luca sale when ALL merchandise will be 90% off.

Fall/Winter 2008 Collection
Tuesday, Feb. 10TH 9am to 6pm
Luca Luca Showroom
19 West 36th Street, 4th Floor 212 920 1211

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Anonymous said...

I was there today. The clothes are on the dowdy/ frumpy side. The prices were astronomical for the quality and style. PASSSSSS..