Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stricter Return Policies

As the woes of this economy get ever more difficult, department stores are trying to figure out how to protect their ass-ets. Liberal return policies seem to be the first big change and there may be a lot more to come.

Today, Neiman Marcus Online sent out the below email explaining to customers that merchandise kept more than 60 days will be subject to partial refund. For example, if you keep an item 61 days before returning it you will only receive back 75% of the purchase price. If you keep the item more than 181 there will be no refund. In addition, online sale items can only be returned 30 days after purchase.

These new rules might seem to be aimed at your bff who is the type to keep the tags on while she gives her new dress a "test drive," but we are sensing this seems to be the wave of the future.

So folks, hold on to your receipts and don't procrastinate. For the record, Target has a 90 day return policy.


Anonymous said...

Honestly it sounds fair! If people didn't abuse the return policy then this wouldn't have happened. Not to mention returns often equal losses for the company (items that can't be resold or are so old no one wants them) which means the money has to be made up some place like shipping costs, fewer sales etc.

When Neimans was taking 50% off the sale prices in store it was all sales final. They were even writing it in big red letters on the receipt. Try it on in the store and only buy it if you want it/need it/ can afford it and are going to keep it.

Moya said...

I agree with anonymous. Why should the rest of us have to pay for people who wear their clothes once or several times and then return now second hand garments for other suckers to wear or for the store to write off? Returns should only be for items in perfect condition that were genuine mistakes--or for faulty items.