Sunday, April 26, 2009

Maurice Villency Closing

Maurice Villency is closing their Manhattan showroom and hosting a sale with up to 70% off. We are going to write this store closing off as another sign that pretension without substance is simply out of style in the new economy.

Maurice Villency specialized --or prayed --on those without style. Customers payed through the nose for mediocre quality furnishings and then later had to wait as if the company were building a custom made Temple of Versailles. No thank you.

We say good-bye and good riddance. Maybe their stores are doing better in states where people don't know better, like-- Wisconsin.


Drew Berezowitz said...

I live in Wisconsin.
And I officially resent that last statement.

....That being said it can be assumed that because of the majority of bowling shirt wearing, elastic waistband having, beer drinking, cheese eating, gigantic muumuu sporting, croc owning people in my state - I understand where you are coming from.

However; I still believe that was a gross stereotypical side comment serving only the petty purpose of making a partially humorous remark at the expense of the entire state.

I would love to offer you alternative words to use in place of "Wisconsin":

"like...the state of plastic choas that is:Joan Rivers"

"like...Rachel Zoe's closet"

Or My personal Favorite

"like...the state of trashy choas on the set of the Real housewives of New Jersey"

In conclusion, without states like mine, states like yours wouldn't have anyone to make them feel entitled and empowered. If anything you should be praising my state for being in existence to serve the higher power of the fashion world by preserving the tail end of the fashion measuring scale. I may leave my state in the future, but I am pure-bred Wisconsin boy and plan on being that way until my old, cellulite filled ass kicks the bucket. I hope this helps to open your eyes, and I look forward to hearing from you.

All of my Love,
The State of Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

Thank god! Who wants to live in an outdated office building? I'd rather have pottery barn or crate and barrel furniture, it might not be top of the line but at least it has some style and I don't have to feel bad when I'm tired if it and replace something after two years.

Anonymous said...

MV also closed their Bethesda, MD location. Nice furniture, nice store but ridiculously overpriced. I've always wondered WHO actually goes out and buys furniture at places like these.
Heck, maybe it's just my broke-ass interpretation of things.

Anonymous said...

i once ordered a sectional from them. the sizing was perfect for my space. paid $8000 (for something that was worth maybe $2k, if even) and waited 4 months!!! biggest regret of my life!!!

Anonymous said...

While I am moderately ashamed to admit I was reading the Real Housewives of NYC's blogs I have to admit it because what do I come across on Alex's blog?

"We wanted the boys to be involved as well. We’d had them with us in each showroom and they had actually led us to the red couch and chair we picked out from Maurice Villency (not on their say-so, but they pointed us in a direction we were heading anyway.) I have to digress here to talk about the furniture for a second. It’s covered in a fabric that Maurice Villency developed called Eco-Suede, which looks and feels like suede but is actually made from recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that?! "

Guess we know who was shopping there now!

Anonymous said...

You people know diddly about quality furniture and the fact that it is made to order. And yes, it takes 10-16 weeks on average to order, build, ship and receive quality furniture from Europe. I own many pieces from MV and always have had excellent service and the furniture lasts for year and years. What idiots some of you people are.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else have a hard time getting through the post? The number of spelling errors was nothing short of incredible. The MV store here in dc just closed too - so I guess they're not doing any better amongst folks who "don't know any better."

Anonymous said...

I worked at MV for several years. Yes, the furniture was incredibly overpriced, sometimestimes with a mark-up of 800%. Also, most of the furniture was made in China. Customers were completely ripped off. Shady company, they deserve everything they get.

Anonymous said...

I also worked for MV for a few years and actually knew their costs. When I suggested they introduce a line of furniture that was more in line with younger people's budgets, I was pretty much laughed at. Who's laughing now? Bob's (furniture stores) is making a killing now...

Anonymous said...

People can't afford gas and crappy furniture. That was going to be a bad joke but I'm holding it back.

Anonymous said...

I too worked at MV. I did love their circular bar. Some pieces were better quality than others. But most of my clients were nice. It was a trough crowd in Bethesda.