Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ralph Lauren Half-Off

Couture Snob reported today that Ralph Lauren's spring sale has already started. The discount is 40% off plus an additional 15%, which brings the total saving to exactly 49% off.

The sale online is not as good. A big pony skinny polo was $198 and is now $139, or about 30% off. Stick to the Ralph Lauren stores if you're looking for a polo deal.


Anonymous said...

I question this because most of the spring collection is not on sale online. While that is not abnormal for many designers it is for Ralph Lauren. Are we sure it's not the cruise collection that was marked down?

Anonymous said...

To prove my theory above

Still selling at full price and will absolutely be hitting 50% off, this bag screams seasonal spring/summer collection.

While this sale bag appears to be from last summer

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure this is correct for their online stuff.