Thursday, May 28, 2009

Louboutins and Choos

Choo shoes and Louboutin shoes are officially going on sale at their respective boutiques starting Friday. The spring/ summer collection at Christian Louboutin will be 40% off. We are told that there is still a good selection of shoes and sizes but you should go now because there will not be any further discounts.

As for Jimmy Choos, the discount is 30% off. The sale includes the summer and cruise collection, as well as select bags. There was a private sale last week but we were left in the dark due to a dim sales woman who believed that the sale would not begin until the fall. Don't fret, we have the situation under control and Faisa will be taking care of all our Jimmy Choo "needs." going forward.

Erich (Christian Louboutin) 212-396-1884
Faisa (Jimmy Choo) 212-759-7078


Elana said...

Hi there - is there a way to see what styles you have? Or is it possible to get the names and sizes of the shoes? I'm not in NYC and would like to take advantage of the sale!

Thank you!

Kia said...

Went to Louboutin on Madison Ave. Some styles on sale were: so private patent slingbacks, 123 scarpe, differa, hyper prive in satin, orlan, turbella, papilippi, and some alti bootys. There were also a couple previous season shoes. With that said, if you want loubs GO TO BARNEYS! They are having 40% the same as louboutin and have way more styles. If you are in NYC, barney's also only charges 4% tax so you'll save!

Kia said...

Also the Deva and black and taupe and madame claude in patent animal print.

Andrea said...

OMG, the barneys sale is good too. Thanks for the tip.,default,sc.html?prefn1=designer&prefv1=Christian%20Louboutin&start=0&sz=20

Anonymous said...

Went to the Louboutin store on Hortaio. Got a pair of So Prive patent slingbacks down to $447 from $745. The wall of shoes on the right side of the store when you walk in are all the sale shoes. I found that they had more styles in the back, too. I wear a 41.5 or 42 in Louboutins, so I just asked the friendly sales associate for any sale shoe in my size and she brought out styles that weren't even on the selling floor. I also noticed her bring out some other new styles (all on sale) for other customers. You just need to ask. BTW, flats and classic styles are not on sale. I would go to Barneys and go to the Louboutin stores to see what they both have. I went to Barney's, but they only carry up to size 41. Go to Barney's soon b/c the shoes are starting to be picked over.

Anonymous said...

Heard Choo is already preselling the incoming collection