Friday, May 8, 2009

Madison Unofficially on Sale

We had an exhausting day of shopping and we didn't even make it half way down the Avenue. Even on a nice day like today the stores were empty. Not a credit card swipe to be found. This being the case we got extra attention and had some time to talk to our favorite sales people. Everyone we spoke to offered us a presale option although sales aren't officially expected to start until 5/15.

We still have a lot more shopping to do on Monday but here's the current sales information update going down from 80th Street:

Missoni: The sale officially started Thursday and the entire spring/summer collection is 40% to 50% off. For the first time ever, bathing suits and spring scarves are included in the sale. Prices of swim suits range from $420 to $620 and are now reduced to $220 to $313.

Crowd control: One other browser
Contact: Spencer 212-517-9339

Intermix: A private sale is going on where all designer clothing is 40% off. Chloe, Stella McCartney, Valentino Red, Matthew Williamson are just some of the collections included in the sale. We were drooling over a $2,700 Williamson caftan, which is now reduced to $1620.

Crowd control: Two other shoppers
Contact: Rachel 212-249-7858

YSL:The sale hasn't started yet but it's expected to break next week. The discount will range from 30% to 40% but a second markdown should come quickly because prices are still too high.

Crowd Control: Zero shoppers
Contact: Michael 212-988-3821

Prada: The sale is slated to start mid-month. Even so, the collection is a disaster. Did we miss something or is there nothing to buy even if under $100?

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Contact: Janic 212-327-4200

Chloe: "I'll tell my manager that you're a good customer and we can put this on presale for you." The sale will officially begin next week and the discount "should be 40% to 50%."

Crowd Control: Zero shoppers
Incus: 212-717-8220


Anonymous said...

Prada did some good bags that I would use for years this season, shoes and clothes forget it! I saw one pair of pants from the sport line I would buy but that's it, and I'm somewhat of a Prada whore.

Bessie said...

What style of chloe bags are available in the sale? Do you have Chloe's email address?

Anonymous said...

good to know about chloe -- i agree with all of you about prada and i dont think next season will be much better unless you need to replace some black basics -- so sad -- i yearn for the days of fairies, blossoms, and lace...

i do love the new prada longer cardigans though.

Thanks MAS -- I LOVE you blog!

Anonymous said...

When does Dior's sale come around?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Lila, I called Chloe yesterday to find out which bags are going to be on sale.

Here goes - The Shelby, Andy and one more style I forgot the name (sorry!) will be 50%.

RTW and Spring/Summer shoes will also be 50%.

Anonymous said...

Just called Prada and was told they have no idea when the spring sale is starting. I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!! MY contact is gone too so no more inside knowledge either.

Anonymous said...

Diors Sale started today May 15, 2008. 50% off.