Sunday, May 31, 2009

Marc Jacobs 70% Off

The Marc Jacobs boutique in SoHo-- not to be confused with the Marc Jacobs section of the West Village-- is hosting a 70% off sale. All spring ready-to-wear, shoes and jewelry are discounted by two-thirds. Bags are not discounted at all so if you're looking for a good MJ bag discount you might want to head over to Barneys or Saks.

Contact: Gabby 212-343-1490


Anonymous said...

If RTW, shoes and jewelry are discounted by two-thirds, then what stuff is actually 70% off? Or when you say 70% off sale did you mean 2/3? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Two things not related to MJ but not sure where to post

Diesel Sample sale
220 W 19th St
9th Floor
Wed 10-6
Thurs 10-4
Fri 10-4

Cash only and all sales final

Two, stopped into Jeffery today and the sale is about 35% off. There was a pair of Prada shoes that the Prada boutiques sold out of in my size and they are now on sale 50% off. Jeffery is still selling them at full price and when I told them they were 50% off at Prada a 1/3 discount was offered to presale them for the future sale.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure about the Diesel sale? According to, Diesel just had a sample sale at the SAME address this MARCH (2 months ago)????

Anonymous said...

I work in the Only The Brave building and Diesel is one of the brands that is owned by the company. We got an email a few days ago from Diesel that they were having a sample sale starting Wednesday. So yes I'm 100% sure there is a sale.