Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Marni 30% to 40% Off

Marni's sale has officially started. Ready-to-wear is 30% off but accessories will be 40% off for the first time ever. Rumours are that second cut is just a few weeks away and will be 50%.

The sale is also available on the Marni site. The above dress was $1120 and is now $784. A ruched lambskin leather shoulder bag was $1655 and is now $993. A jacquard orange and brown check sleeveless top was $955 and is now $669.

21 E 67th St between Fifth and Madison Aves


Anonymous said...

Loving that we have a Marni uptown now! One less reason to go all the way down to Soho.

Anonymous said...

You don't know what you're missing #1. Most of Manhattan has something to offer.

But if you're that simple minded, I'm glad you stay in your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

As the poster of the first comment I'm well aware that all of NYC has tons to offer however I live up town and work long hours. Making time to shop in Soho is not on the top of my list, especially for one store. Why do to the other end of the city for something you can get near by?

Anonymous said...

This is #2. If the reason you don't go down town is due to long working hours and a residence uptown then by all means pardon my response.

However, when you write "One less reason to Soho", it came across as kind of snobby. No worries.

I have to admit, I went to the Port Authority for the "Free Fashion" Pop-up store today and I never want to go back there again if I can help it. But I got a pair of Alejandro Ingelmo shoes for $75 (retail $800) so it was worth it :-)