Monday, June 15, 2009

Bloomingdales Summer Sale

Bloomingdales tends to have great sales but there is the problem of trying to keep track of all the current incentives. They would be much better served keeping it simple. I'm not sure that we were even able to put it all together. Please feel free to make clarifications.

These current promotions all run Tuesday, June 16 until Thursday, June 18 Bloomingdales. So here it goes:

Contemporary clothing-Take an extra 40% off already reduced merchandise for a savings that ranges from 50% to 75% off.

Designer clothing- Get a $500 BMoney card when you spend $1500 to $2999.99, or get a $1000 BMoney card when you spend $3000 or more.

Handbags- You can take 30% to 40% off regular-priced American and European designer handbags. The store is offering an extra 40% off already reduced handbags and small leather goods for a total savings of up to 55% to 65% off original prices.

General- When you use your Bloomingdales credit card you can get up to four $25 off coupons for each purchase of $100, as well as a coupon that takes off $50 any single purchase of $200 or more.

But that's not all folks.

You can take 25% off when you spend $2250 to $499.99 or 40% off if you spend more than $500.


Anonymous said...

I hate confusing discounts. The worst, which Bloomingdale's often does, is to put a sign on a rack saying 'take 40% off retail price'. Then someone puts an item back on that rack, incorrectly. And then you wind up debating with the salespeople whether it is or is not on sale.

Just draw a red line through the original price, and put a new, lower one on the tag. Then draw a red line through that when you want to reduce further. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

40% off when you spend $500 on regular or sale priced items?

Heard right from management at Bloomingdales that their crazy sales are going to be coming to an end soon as the company tried to give their image a face lift.

Anonymous said...

"General- You can take 25% off when you spend $2250 to $499.99 or 40% off if you spend more than $500."

Did you mean $225-$499.99?

Anonymous said...

This sale is pretty decent although the Bloomingdales online site is now CRAWLING from all the traffic.

I ordered a sweet pair of jeans & a jumpsuit I had been coveting. Both were 40% off retail but that's still pretty decent given I'm buying summery stuff on June 16.

If u can find something on sale n then score the 40% off, kudos to you!

Anyone know what the store selections are in NYC?

Anonymous said...

Bloomies is handing out pamphlets with all the sale details when you walk in the door, it's so confusing.

Saks is also taking another 25% off the sales prices on clothing