Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Barneys Final Markdown

Barneys is starting their third markdown starting Thursday. The discount is currently 40% with an additional 25% off for a total of about 55% off. The new discount is expected to be 40% plus an additional 30% off for a total of 60% off. Some items are discounted even less already and should come down a bit more.

What's left? Miu Miu Paillette Peep Toe Pump shoes that were $650 and are now $259, a Marc Jacobs Mercer Cole Tote was $1,295 and should go down to $520, and an Alexander Wang is discounted even further from it's $350 starting price is just $109.

Is this the final markdown? Most likely prices will end somewhere ranging from 70% to 80% off before being put aside for the warehouse sale.


Anonymous said...

There's really nothing left.

marin2 said...

This "new" sale is garbage. In San Francisco they are not saying that there is an additional 50% off. However that only applies to some brands, and guess what, those are brands no on actually wants.