Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lila Dishes for the Boston Herald

It seems as if the bitter economy is taming the Bridezilla. Lila's New York Times quote resurfaces in the Boston Herald as jewelers discuss how much customers are cutting back.

“The half-carat is the new 3 carat,” designer sales blogger Lila Delilah told The New York Times [NYT] on Tuesday.

“God, I hope not,” said Sevag Zargarian, owner of Boston Ring & Gem , located in the Jewelers Exchange Building in Downtown Crossing. “I’d say 2 carat is the new 3 carat. Or a carat and a half is the new 3 carat. Couples aren’t going for ostentatious. Maybe the can’t afford it. Or maybe they feel guilty.”

Click here to read Lauren Beckham Falcone's article Sluggish Economy Slays Bridezilla. If the poor economy is the death of just one thing lets hope it's the Bridezilla.

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