Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Gap Jeans Fit Challenge

This week, the Gap introduced their 1969 Premium Jeans in one of the most splashy product launches in recent memory. There were full page ads in the paper, large spreads in the glossies and the Internet was in full buzz. We started wondering, could the Gap jeans really deliver?

The full line features 12 core fits for women and men ranging in hues from the darkest ink to light, distressed finishes and different rises. Oh, and all the styles are under $70. Sure beats the $250 options that fill the shelves at our local denim bar. But will they fit?

To find out we enlisted four Gap testers and let them take the new jeans for a spin around the dressing room. Click on the image below to read what they had to say:

We think it's remarkable that even half our testers ended up taking home a new pair of jeans. This was a tough crowed but the success of the Gap jeans is evident. The skinny jean is just about sold out nation wide and a sales person confided that she has never seen such traffic in the store outside of the holiday season. Not only are customers buying jeans but also picking up tops and tees to go with them.

Now that it Gap has their jeans on the right track they should consider giving their stores a make-over. The fitting rooms at our local Gap were a bit smelly and the overall store appearance was a bit overcrowded. Customer service is also a key element, which could have lead to a sale in the case of Paige Turner.

Waiting for the Mad-Spy deal? Ending Thursday, Gap is offering $20 off any style from their Premium Jean line. If you can't get to a fitting room tomorrow just wait for the next promo. There's sure to be another discount coming soon.


Anonymous said...

The price is nice but I don't see Gap jeans being replaced with J brand, James and 7's on my shelf any day.

But I will still go check them out and I also saw Banana Republic's new jeans ads they look nicer than the gap.

Anonymous said...

I tried on a bunch yesterday at my local Gap. I do like the jeans, but find the pockets are just a bit too large..bringing unwanted attention to my big a**.
They are similar to my J Brand Jeans..but the J Brand are more flattering.

Anonymous said...

in nyc, you can get a whole range of "premium" denims for under $70 at sample sales! see, e.g., barney's warehouse sale going on now.

Anonymous said...

I bought a pair of J brand jeans and like them very much. I bought a pair of the Gap sexy boot cut and they fit like a glove, the fabric is much better then J brand and the wash is better. I bought 3 and got one free! LLOOVVEE these Gap jeans. Be warned. They are meant to fit skinny girls. Also, they come in petite and tall.

Anonymous said...

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