Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hermes Beverly Hills Markdowns

This sale brings us a bit more West than usual. The Beverly Hills Hermes is hosting a sale where ready-to-wear, shoes, hats and gloves are 40% to 60% off.

Bags, you want to know about bags? They are on sale too. No, not Birkins or Kellys, lots of canvas totes and discontinued styles are 40% off. We imagine that the bags on sale are very similar to the merchandise that would be found at an Hermes sample sale.

Not on the West Coast? Don't fret, we are told that a similar sale is coming to Madison Avenue in just a few weeks.

Contact: Momoko 310-278-6440


JLM said...

Has Hermes ever done a sale like this before? I thought they only did sample sales outside of their main stores.

Sharath Chandra said...

*biting nails* waiting for it to come to NYC!Taking the day off!

Anonymous said...

do you know if it's the same sale they had a few months ago? I think the canvas bags were actually 70% off but maybe it's different merch? they had the sale in their upstairs office areas.

Anonymous said...

they do actually have a sale in the store.its usually clothing and shoes. never seen ties or scarves though

Anonymous said...

Their sample sale starts Sep 22 at Metropolitan Pavilion. It's invite only on the 22, but open to the public on the 23. Their sale at their boutiques start Sep 17 through 19.