Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Matthew Williamson 80% Off

Back in April, we wrote about H&M launching a Matthew Williamson line and asked, is a H&M dress really worth almost $350? You knew the answer and so did we. We were both correct.

This week, Matthew Williamson started a "sample sale" at their downtown store that equates more to an end of season blow out sale. The discount is 80% off and there is still a selection of iconic Matthew Williamson pieces. A pink georgette beaded kimono top was $1100 and is now $220-- there's a size 4 left. Our favorite kaftan of the season with a beaded halter was $2400 and is now $480-- size 2 in the colorful print larger sizes in black and white. A pink patterned mini dress was also $2400 and is now $480-- size 6 and larger are still available.

The sale only runs until 11am Wednesday and then the merchandise is being hauled out. To where, we don't know but don't be surprised to see a Matthew Williamson sample sale coming to an online site near you. Until then, check out the collection online and call the store. It opens 8am-- so set your alarm!

Contact: Charice 212-255-0965

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