Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chanel on Presale

Elaine Spy reminds us:

Chanel presale that has begun. The official sale begins Dec 1. My sales associate called me last week to tell me that shoes and clothes are preselling at 40% off. There are no bags on sale right now. I'm not sure whether the Chanel SAs are hush hush like the Prada sales people...but I think they are hurting for sales these days.

Contact: Erman 212-355-5050


Anonymous said...

I was in Chanel on 57th st today and they should try treating their customers better if they want more sales. Prime example of why I buy my Chanel at department stores and the madison ave boutique.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone bought anything at the presale? Do you just mention it to the SA?

Anonymous said...

So when do you think they will be starting the sale on bags???