Friday, November 6, 2009

Kid's Showroom Sale: Kenzo, Florian, Catimini, Tartine...

Groupe Zannier (Kenzo, Catimini, Tartine et Chocolat, Floriane etc.) is hosting their semi-annual starting Monday. As with most great sample sales you can expect major lines. Last season, more than 100 women stood on 33rd Street for over two hours before being let into the sale.

The wait is usually worth the time and patience. At the last sale, Floriane dresses that retail for $100 to $170 were all $25, sweaters that retail for about $85 were all $20, and skirts there are normally about $100 were $20. IKKS, Cantimini, and Jean Bourget, dresses are were $20, shirts were $10 and winter coats were $40.

Veteran hint: Go later in the day when there is usually no line. There's more than enough merchandise to dress all five boroughs of tots.

Groupe Zannier U.S.A.
131 W. 33rd St. Suite 1006
Tel: 212-279-7672
When: Monday, Nov. 9th to Friday, Nov. 13th.
Hours: 9:30 to 4:30
Discount: 20% off wholesale


Anonymous said...

it's catimini...not cantimini

Alicia said...

Hi. Do you by chance know the timing for the May sample sale. My sister-in-law used to be on their mailing list, but recently moved, so she no longer gets their invitations.

Alicia said...

Oh no! I just called the showroom and they said that they no longer have a US warehouse, so no more sample sales. Could this be a ploy to throw people off??? If true, this would be a tragedy, as this is one of my favorite sales!!

Anonymous said...

I called too and got the same response. Very sad as this was one of my favorite sales.