Sunday, December 13, 2009

L'Oreal Friends and Family + YSL Cosmetic Discount

Here is the L'Oreal friends and family info I promised. This is the perfect time to pick-up a few small holiday gifts. The sale starts on Wednesday, Dec. 16 and runs through Sunday, Dec. 20th.

Take note, the sale is no longer at the L'Oreal headquarters but takes place at the Met Pavilion. The promotion also states that you need a copy of the above invite to gain admittance.

While we are on the topic of cosmetics, is hosting a friends and family cosmetic promotion. The 20% off discount starts on Monday, Dec.14 and runs through Sunday, Dec. 20th. Just use the discount code: FF2009 at checkout.

L'Oreal Friends and Family
Wednesday, Dec. 16 to Sunday, Dec. 20
10am to 8pm
125 West 18th St, 5th Floor


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Anonymous said...

Could someone post sales price information? Last sale was disappointing, you may as well go to Company Outlet any day.

Anonymous said...

I went today (the first day) and was fairly disappointed by the selection. I only saw one YSL beauty product ( an eyeshadow palette) in the very large space. There was a significant amount of shu umuera, vichy, la-roache posay and kiehls.

There were Ralph Lauren perfumes for $10, Lancome lipstick and lipgloss for $8, a lot of perfumes, soaps and creams from various brands.

Anonymous said...

Almost all cosmetics and fragrances, skin care products are all Vichy. Lancome lipsticks $8. Choices are few, mostly 50% - 65% off. The only thing maybe close to 90% off is Dual Finish Matt Voile I, a very very pale color, $5, one color only. Sale is similar to last one in the summer. You may be happier going to Company Outlet, it's also ran by L'Oreal.

Anonymous said...

went today at 11am, no line at all to get in; calm inside, though got more crowded toward lunchtime. a small selection of Kiehl's: lots of lip glosses, essential oils (grapefruit and cucumber only), various small sized (4oz) body lotions, a hand cleanser, etc. but the most interesting item i found was the face mask from the new Brightening line ($10 -- retails for $40). lots of Shu Uemura, including cosmetics (lip sticks $15), false lashes, brush kits (including a full size make-up artist-styled kit for $100). Armani Diamonds fragrance sets for both men and women, each $40; Code for women set also $40. the rest of the fragrances weren't interesting ($15-35); there is a Viktor & Rolf Antidote set for $40 (a steal considering i'd seen the same 2.5oz bottle at Duty Free a month ago selling for $61). lots of La Roche-Posay, Rogers&Gallet soaps. very small selection of YSL, 1 Armani Skinfabric. overall it wasn't bad.

whyunique said...

Price information: Lancome Compact $5, Kiehl Lip Gloss $5, Lancome Lip stick $8. Shuemuera Foundation $25. Vichy night cream $20..etc.