Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DSW's Gucci Bags

We all remember the hysteria of DSW's Gucci Sale this Summer, right? Well, Gucci shoppers will be happy to know that the DSW relationship didn't end there. Most recently select stores received a shipment of Gucci bags.

What's even better is the sale is online! Now you don't even need to fight through the crowds of 14th street or even live near one of the select DSW locations. There are currently a variety of denim floral print totes, a black denim tote and signature leather embossed hobo. Prices range from $200 to $400.

Interestingly enough the small, medium and large floral print totes are the same price ($199). Seems like a perfect summer beach bag to me!


Anonymous said...

nothing left online

Catherine said...

Which stores received the new shipment?

Anonymous said...

i bought my bag from the dsw in westbury (on long island). when i returned the next day they were all gone!! this was right before the new year though..

also the bags online are really old styles.

Gucci Bags said...

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