Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fashion Week: Tory Burch

This season, Tory Burch deviated from her signature iconic caftan and shifted into a much more fashion forward and bold collection. Of course there were classic pieces but they were all shown with a twist of young artful sophistication: slouchy sailor trousers were shown with a sparkly mesh top, tweed jackets were paired with contrasting tweed pants and a hooded sweater became dazzling with sequined sleeves.

Tory Burch is proving to be as talented of a fashion designer as she is a mass merchandiser. Lets hope she keeps continues. Girls, get ready to trade in your ballet flats for high-heel hiking boots.

Tory Burch Fall 2010

Why buy: You know you can rock it.

What to buy: Bold red print dress with lively embellished sleeves

Bypass: Winter shorts with tights is always a hard sell.

Overall contribution to fashion: We love watching a fashion designer evolve.


La:Dolce:Vita Fashion Fix said...

Love it! She looks gorgeous!

SoCalFashionista said...

Love Tory Burch, can't wait to see the new collection!