Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hermès Sale: NJ

Ladies, grab your E-ZPass because next week we will be taking a road trip across the GW Bridge. The Hermès store at the Shops at Riverside, in Hackensack, NJ are hosting a sale where ready-to-wear, shoes, hats and gloves will be 40% to 60% off.

The sale will run from Thursday, March 11th and run until Saturday, March 13th. Thursday is supposedly a VIP sale day but we get a hunch that getting into the sale will be as difficult as getting into a Jersey Shore bar.

Sales people say, they don't know what merchandise will be discounted because "it's call coming from our warehouse and it hasn't arrived yet."

Who's in?

Contact: Manny 201 -487-1111
The Shops at Riverside


Linda said...

Thanks for the tip I've been waiting to finally hear! Will do my best to get there.

Anonymous said...

so you dont think scarves or belts would be included?

gunner said...

any mens ties on sale, do u know?

Anonymous said...

HI Lila-

Were you able to verify if all the ready to wear from Madison went to the Hackensack Hermes instead of Wall St? I noticed a post on March 5 that said there was no sale at the Wall St. store.
Thanks for all you do---

Anonymous said...

Did anyone go to the sale? Please share what's on sale, thank you.