Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Now Open: In & Out

Beauty fanatics and anti-aging enthusiasts can rejoice with the opening of In & Out beauty. The Swiss beauty concept just opened their first US boutique on Madison Avenue, between 77th and 78th street.

Tucked between Missoni and Intermix, In & Out combines supplements for baby-boomers with serums, creams and lotions loved by cosmetic junkies. The product line focuses in five essential areas: acne, anti-aging, whitening, sensitive and reddening skin and slimming.

Of course, each product package embodies everything you need to look great, in and out-- dietary supplements and four to five skin-care products. A store manager said that they will soon have an estition on location to offer mini facials and assist in skin-care emergencies.

While the boutique is small, it combines an aquatic space-age decor with a sparseness usually reserved for selling precious jewelry. Beyond the under-the-sea surroundings the store happens to smell amazing with a nose full of gardenia and other scented flowers.

This is a concept that can be easily be embraced by glossy magazines and aging baby boomers alike. Oh, did we fail to mention there are lots of samples? Who doesn't love samples?


maru said...

From the title I thought In-N-Out Burger had finally made it east. So disappointing.

laura said...

I was in the store, so amazing! they are too friendly and I really appreciate the atmosphere of the store and the anti redness treatment...the essential oils are so wonderful. I could try the touch screen, I found it nice! And then I could get also a lot of sample..
Finally I bought 3 products...but I believe is made in Switzerland not Sweden!

Byro D said...

Great new concept in beauty with highly concentrated ingestibles, topicals and unique essential oils. Love the space and the staff. Should be big hit for the Upper East Siders wanting to look and feel their best!

Byron D.