Thursday, April 29, 2010

ALT Takes the Shoe

Today was the infamous Manolo sample sale and Cinderallas from all over the the city/state/country/world lined up at the Warwick hotel to capture a small piece of luxury for the price of a prix fix dinner for one.

Although the $100 shoes are what brought everyone together, it was the master of ceremonies, Vogue editor, André Leon Talley who stole the show. As the unofficial Prince Charming, he shared his wisdom.

When Sally Holmes, a reporter for TheCut, questioned the hight of a particular heel, ALT pronounced:

“No, that’s okay, that’s okay! You go to the party, get out of the car, step into the party, leave.”

The man is a sage.

Photo Credit: Sally Holmes

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The Audra Catalog said...

Yes I was there also! ALT totally yelled at me for not buying shoes first. But he was so cool giving all the girls fashion advice. I really couldn't believe he would still be there @ 2pm.