Monday, April 19, 2010

Bloomingdale's Private Sale

Just when you were all set to head to Saks for their friends and family sale, Bloomingdale's begins a "private sale." For three days-- from Tuesday, April 20th to Thursday, April 22nd-- shoppers can use a $25 off coupon for every $100 they spend.

Coupons were sent to Bloomingdale's card holders but they can also be picked the at the information desk. The promotion is equivalent to 25% off but there is more... many departments are already discounted 15% to 40% off. Markdowns vary according to department and are confusing. You can click on the image from sale manual below, which outlines the discounts in some key departments.

Bloomingdale's, here's some food for thought: should sales really require a manual?


Katie said...

Uch could not agree more! You should not have to add a sale pamphlet to your reading list. Just give me my discount in a percent and call it a day!

Shells said...

I walked through the 2nd floor in NYC discounts ranged from 10-20% off with an additional $25.00 off a $100 purchase or more. And for every $100 you spend you get a $15 coupon.