Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rachel Roy x Macy's

Collaborations are becoming a bit of a snooze these days. Madness ensues and then you take home your haul to realize it's just like a Monet. ("It's like a painting, see? From far away, it's OK, but up close, it's a big old mess." Name that quote!)

Check out this video from the H&M launch of Sonia Rykiel. Grown women reduced to a combination of swine and locusts. For the Liberty of London pop-up collaboration with Target, shoppers waited for hours to get floral print umbrellas, bikes and dresses. (FYI Target is completely restocked with Liberty and it doesn't seem to be moving. We bet it goes down to 70% off. Keep your receipts!) Charlotte Ronson and Urban Outfitters?! Ugh.

We are pretty close to shutting out any label that includes an "x" separating a designer and retailer. Before we completely close the book, we thought it might be fun to shop at a distant, far off and exotic store for economic designer interpretations. Road trip: Macy's!

Yes, we went to Herald Square in search of Rachel Roy's collection for Macy's. Finding the collection was not easy. The store is huge and we aren't even sure if the sales people there are familiar with their surrounding 10-square-feet, never mind other sections of the store. Four sales associates swore that they never heard of Rachel Roy and that the collection didn't exist. Finally we ran into a personal shopper who knew her way around the modern granary. (The collection is on 2.)

Rachel Roy's line for Macy's is a bit trendy but falls right in line with her trademark uptown chic /downtown cool aesthetic. We found a great (real) leather jacket with peaked shoulders that looks a bit Rick Owens rocker with a splash of Rachel Roy polish ($249.) A (real) silk, water color, sun dress is $119, a tweed jacket with the sophistication of Chanel but shoulder emulets that make us think Balmain is $149, a hot pink trench with a cool print lining is $139and hot pink cocktail dress with a lace back is $119.

Although the collection is more of a diffusion line than a collaboration, the collection is just proof that a high end designer can create a line of clothing that is afforadable but better constructed than a GM car.

What's even better, is that Macy's is always throwing one day sales and sending out coupons. An Easter sale is running from April 1 to April 4th and the entire Rachel Roy collection is 15% off. Wait a bit longer and the disounts will even get better. But we must say, that biker jacket alone is worth the trip discount or not.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Love your blog. I work as a sa at Macys Hearld, but not the ones that told you "never heard of that brand". LOL. You should also check out her jewelry line. They always have crazy sales!!

Anonymous said...

this is one of my favorite "underrated" collabs. (i.e. it lacks the press fury of a Go International or H&M combo) the quality is in line with the price, and since it's at macy's there's usually always a coupon or one day sale enabling you to get stuff for even less.

Anonymous said...

quote is from clueless, a la cher.

Anonymous said...

hm, I went to macy's today. they said there is only a 15% discount off rachel roy if you open a macy's card.

Anonymous said...

You should wait for their one day sale. It will have more discount then.

Lila Delilah said...

No, there is the easter sale. There is even an online code: EASTER to get your 15% off.