Friday, July 9, 2010

Barneys Didn't Cut Prices

Barneys announced their final markdown today but their prices are the same as they were two weeks ago.

On June 27, we posted about Barneys second markdown, which amounted to savings up to 60% off. Prada Plex sandals are still $299 from $750. The $240 Louboutins we quoted are sold out but the seven pair left online are still just 60% off. That Vena Cava dress that was $159 is still, yup, $159.

Last season, prices were slashed up to 75% off. So we question the validity of this being the final markdown. Maybe we just need to wait until the final final markdown.


Anonymous said...

A salesperson there told me that they are expecting another markdown. They told me that last Saturday. I bought some pieces anyway, because the deals were good.

Anonymous said...

Remember a month or 2 ago they sent out an email stating "additional" markdowns but the prices were still the same?

I thought it was a fluke but now I see they are intentionally trying to con us. Strange cheap tactic for a luxury dept store. - Deme