Monday, August 2, 2010

Chanel Comments

It appears that I may have insulted and offended some of our readers yesterday in my post about Chanel's price increase. In hindsight I probably should have substantiated my statements a bit better.

Here are a few more facts: China's luxury market is growing by 50% to 60% a year and already represents 12% of world demand for luxury goods. Goldman Sachs predicts that by 2015 China will reach a 29% share of all luxury goods sold worldwide, which will surpass Japan as the world's top consumer luxury market.

According to LVMH's 2010 interim financial report, revenue stayed the same or decreased in every part of the world besides China where revenue grew by 2%.

Interestingly enough, China is the world's number one producer of counterfeit products. Chinese women are very proud of buying authentic merchandise and will pay a 40% to 50% premium (over NYC prices) to assure they have the real thing. Of course, there are no conspiracies and I apologise for my sarcasm and hyperbole.

Furthermore, no country or culture should be reduced to a food-- even if it is excellent.

One more thing: Nordstrom isn't raising prices until August 5th so hit Paramus asap for 30% savings???


Janet said...

You should take the other post down. It's offensive and your language is inflammatory. Your words demean others ,and although you may not have intended to hurt people, ignorance is not excuse. Now you know better so you should rectify the issue.

EDP said...

well done! It's your blog and you saw what you want! Ana

Anonymous said...

Dear MAS,

You have more than adequately apologized -- Thank you, let's move on!

@ Janet-- "Let he who is without sin...." Move on!!!


Anonymous said...

i spoke with a rep from the Nordstrom Seattle location and they told they already increased their prices as of the 1st.

Anonymous said...

Janet - move on!
If you don't like what you read then don't subscribe!
Can no one make jokes anymore - what has happened to freedom of speech.

MAS - your apology was more then enough.

Suzy said...

Even the readers are nasty and racists. Sad.

Anonymous said...

I love you MAS.

Love, orgasm girl

Anonymous said...

You've gained my respect back.

Yes, let's move on.

You didn't have to so thank you for holding your blog to a higher standard.

Kudos on infiltrating yet another sale and sharing it with your fans.

Anonymous said...

I was in Nordstrom Rack today and a Chinese lady asked me where the local Lexus dealer was located. It was a bit odd.

Anonymous said...

Just after i discovered your blog and wanted to subscribe, i found out your chanel post. It is sad to find another fashionista to be so ignorant and insulting China. You are aware of the most in hand bag, but your image of China stays in 1900. The good part is, you are so ignorant of what is going on in China that you will be dumb found when you realize you desperately need to know China but you have none. I suggest you just shut down this blog before you have to.

Anonymous said...

That last post was hysterical--all this overreaction seems to be from the same person (note the odd grammar and syntax). I think it was clear that you were just pointing out that Chanel capitalized on the rise in China's demand for luxury goods. A silly joke notwithstanding, the point was clear. The joke wasn't great but the overreactions here (closing down the blog, etc.) are way out of line.