Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bloomies Friends & Family

It's time to scan your most wanted list because Bloomingdales started their pre-sale for friends and family today. The sale, which will officially start on Thursday, September 30th and run until Sunday, October 4th, will offer customers the first chance to shop for discounts.

The f&f markdown will be 20% off. These days, "friends and family" translates to all customers. So don't be shy about asking for the f&f discount to be applied to your purchases. No, Chanel is not included, cosmetics are not included, and other certain designer exclusions may apply.

You can always wait until the Saks friends & family sale in early October if the 20% at Bloomingdales isn't enough to get you shopping. The Saks discount is usually 25% and includes more designers, but still, not Chanel.


c noir said...

What's saks discount on assesories? Is it also 25%. will cosmetics be included this year?

Bergdoff's has a giftcard special with cosmetics.

Anonymous said...

I miss 2008 when everyone was included, even Chanel.

Oh the good old days of terrified retailers. Le sigh!

Rachael said...

do you know when the Saks sale will be? and the coupon code to use?