Sunday, September 19, 2010

Louis Vuitton Classics (Almost) Sold Out

This is going to seem almost entirely unbelievable, but it's true: Louis Vuitton is almost entirely sold out of all their classic Monogram Canvas bags. As a matter of fact, the Wilshire is the only classic monogram bag that's still in-stock online. The inventory depletion seems to have also spilled over to Damier Ebene and Azur Canvas, Monogram Multicolor and Monogram Idylle bags too.

If you are in dire need of a monogram Vuitton, have no fear. We called several boutiques on the East and West Coast and found some classic style bags. Neverfills and Delightfuls are available in limited sizes and Tivolis and Wilshires seem to be available too.

According to one West Cost sales associate, the monogram shortage is "world wide and has been going on for over a month, at least." Each sales person we spoke to appeared to be reading from a similar script: "The limited availability has stemmed from raising customer demand in leather goods. Our bags are all hand made and the increased demand has caused global shortages."

If you're anything like us, you're thinking, "You must be f-ing kidding." This statement makes no sense on many levels.
- These are canvas bags with a bit of leather trim!
- Louis Vuitton is more than 150-years-old and for some reason, in 2010, there is more demand than ever?!
- Who is demanding these bags? Anyone recognize the term "global recession?"
- LV hasn't introduced an interesting new style in monogram canvas in several years

This story is going to need further investigation but we do have a conspiracy theory of our own. Amidst the global recession, Chanel cut production. When customer demand increased, in 2009, inventories quickly diminished until there were no classic style bags available during Christmas time. Customers were frantic.

Would it be entirely unreasonable to believe that LV is creating shortages now to bolster early Christmas shopping? According to sales associates, supply should be increasing in the next four to six weeks. That would be just in time for the very beginning of the Christmas season. Just a theory, my friends.

Another theory? In the past several years, LV has had uninitiated more than 13,000 counterfeiting proceedings and launched 6000 raids, which have lead to over 1,000 arrests of counterfeiters. Could cutting supply help the company's investigations? The shortages do seem to be some of the most counterfeited styles???

We don't know if we will ever learn the real story, but isn't it fun to speculate?

For now, what do you do if it's your --mother, sister, wife, boss's--birthday and she really wants a LV Speedy? We suggest getting on the horn immediately. We are told that Vuitton boutiques will only transfer inventory if you're already an existing customer. (It doesn't seem as if multiple generations of customers make a difference.) Supposedly, you will have to wait until inventories are replenished if you're name is not in their computer system. But, you know...

What's your opinion on the situation? How much do you think prices will rise on Ebay?


Anonymous said...

These bags are atrocious. This is all hype and manipulation. You couldn't give me one of these monogram bags. LV clothing is amazing though.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the fact that LV is kind of ghetto and you see knock-offs on every street corner in NYC. Why would you waste your money on the real deal? Is anyone original anymore? They SUCK. Now, the couture clothing line is another story...I would sell my arm for a closet-full of LV clothing.

Anonymous said...

I'll third your comments - totally agree about the bags and wondering why since their clothing is extraordinary. Trying to create a shortage so the sheep will think they found something unique and exciting. Hate the "list" thing too...are we making an appointment to see the queen or something?

Anonymous said...

At my opinion, it is one of the ugliest bags in the market. i am soooo tired of seeing the same logo bag all over again, i dont like that pale brown and i dont like the tones of colors. they proposed this monogram in all sauces and condiments but it is still the same bag!!! can't LV get inspired and try to put its feet out of the "comfortable sales" ??? after all they work with a great designer..
I dont know, its like i never felt for LV, it is like when i try any monogram i feel like 10 years older. Instead i would go for chanel,balenciaga gucci and of course YSL, my faves.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love LV and as a frequent consumer of their goods I can't possibly say I don't like their bags (even thought I find them quite pretentious), but yes, it's become so unfortunate that on every street corner in Harlem I see the exact same style bag I paid full price for is now a $20 knockoff. Counterfeiting is so wrong and immoral, if you can't afford the real thing, start saving up, don't buy a fake!! I'm not surprised LV is doing this, it's a great way to drive up business.

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