Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Now Open: Sur La Table

There are few things we love more than shopping and cooking is a close contender for second. Unfortunatly, there are not many places to shop for kitchenware on the Upper East Side. There's William's Sonoma and, um, Bloomingdales.

The mid-town based JB Prince, which specializes in chefs' tools and equipment, has been our normal go-to destination for everything in the kitchen. That's why we were so excited to find a new culinary hardware store right in our neighborhood. Sur La Table, which opened on Friday, is located on Third Avenue and 75th Street.

The Seattle-based corporation has more than 72 locations throughout the country and carries literally thousands of items, including books, cutlery, gadgets, glassware, serving pieces and hard to find items. On our first walk-though, we were delighted to find everything from small ramekins ($3 each), a traditional Moroccan tagine ($124), a machine for sous vide ($425), stainless steel mixing bowls ($20) and dozens and dozens of knives. We were in culinary heaven.

As far as prices go, Sur La Table is quite reasonable even when items are put side by side with JB Prince. Think of all the money we are going to save cabs. A wonderful addition to the neighborhood!


Anonymous said...

Went today and the service was so great! This and Blue Mercury (across the street) and both very welcome additions to the neighborhood.

Lila Delilah said...

I know! I'm in heaven. Blue Mercury is so much better than Sephora.

Anonymous said...

It absolutely is and I love that they will transfer anything you want from the UWS store if they don't have it in the UES location.