Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fashion Dream Sale

There is a place. Hidden in a nondescript building in the East Village. This place, contains a closet. Not just any closet, but a closet that your designer, name-dropping brain can't even begin to comprehend. It's a closet that appears to contain every Manolo-Louboutin-Chanel-Balmain-Lanvin item that's ever been created. Ever!

The Alrbight Fashion Library is a 2,600-sq-ft loft space that is home to more than 25,000 couture dresses and 8,000 pairs of shoes. It's all there, in this closet. Normally, this fashion fantasy is utilized by movie makers and reality star stylists but right now you can shop the Albright Fashion Library during their sample sale.

Women’s clothing, outerwear and shoes are all reduced to 90% off. Dresses that retail from $900 to $2900 are $290. Gowns that retail starting at $5600 from Pamela Dennis, Robert Danes, and Moschino now $560 to $790. Suits that are normally $2600 are just $260. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes from Blahnik, Louboutin, and Jimmy Choo now $60 are just $100.

The sale runs through the end of the month but you wouldn't want to miss any remaining Balenciaga, Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors or Marchesa, would you?

Albright Fashion Library
Through Tuesday, January 31st
11am to 8pm
32A Cooper Sq. (off Bowery between 5th & 6th Streets)
For more information call 212-253-5894


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! I love Irene Albright and the rest of the ladies there!! Just awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it is savy you give right information. Although Albright gallery may be heaven, the sample sale place is a totally different story, i dont know if you've ever been.
i've been there, at the sale at cooper square,on a weekend, and it was empty. after browsing a bit i realized why. let me tell you old old stuff . they advertised manolo and CL at 75$ and then you go there at they are all in a bin, very old and dirt like the one you see in a thrift shop. shoe rack limited. gowns very old styles. to me really disappointing.

Anonymous said...

IDK when the previous Anon was at MINA, but I was just there . . . I counted well over 20 racks of shoes (no bins). They were all sorted by size and color. As for the assortment, the larger your foot, the greater the selection. There were various items that had some mild wear, a few NBW and a few that had excessive wear. Prices seemed to reflect the wear & tear. Considering the stuff is from the Fashion Library, I would expect most of the pieces to have been worn and was happy to see so many NBW items. On average, most of the shoes were about $100 - $150 (at least those that I was interested in). As for clothes, there were a number of new items including pieces that I remember seeing at the Ferretti Sale back in November.

WaverlyMaven said...

Hey Lila! This sample sale sounds great, but looks like they changed the hours? It was definitely not open until 8pm. I went by last night at 7:30pm and they said it was already closed.

Just something for people to keep in mind if they are planning on going :)

Anonymous said...

I stopped by yesterday and there were plenty of shoes!! Chanel, Manolo, Prada, YSL. Just a lot. It takes some time to go through them but its definitely worth it.

Also, today is not the last day. The lady I spoke to is actually not sure when the last day is. Very nice woman by the way

Anonymous said...

How are the clothes and bags? brands? condition? style? and any size 0 or two left? thanks gals!

Lila Delilah said...

There weren't many bags. Lots of racks of shoes. The best options were very large sizes 40/41s. There was lots of clothing. Some items were better than others but most things were priced very well.

I would say the best asortment was the evening dresses.

Xeania said...

hmmm.. I haven't visit that shop.. I'm gonna inform my friends and visit one these days!

MINA said...

Hi Everyone!

We just wanted to take a moment thank everyone who came out to the sale. It's been a pleasure for our entire team to assist each of you.

Also, just wanted to let you know that the sale is extended through FEBRUARY! New inventory is being added every few days.

Hope to see you all soon!

Anonymous said...

how long has this sale been extended for?

Anonymous said...

What a great place!!! Love Mina Boutique!!!