Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ralph Lauren 25% Off

We had a hunch that Ralph Lauren was tres cool in Paris but we had no idea just how much the brand had blown up internationally. Who would have known that a grand pony polo was hotter than anything Lanvin?

We are told that those big pony polos on Boulevard St Germain are 150-euro, which is about $200. On Madison Avenue those same polos are "just" $98 and through April 6th you can save 25% on your polo and most everything else at Ralph Lauren.

The "Shop in Style" discount benefits cancer prevention and research through the Pink Pony Fund. The discount is available in stores and online with the code RLGIVE2012. Now you can look as as hot as the coolest Parisian and have money left over to put towards your flight.


Anonymous said...

Hi Madison Avenue Spy,
We are HouseOfMai, a cashmere brand, and will be holding a 3 day sample sale on April 24-26. We would like to share this event with your customers and was wondering how to go about that process. Please let us know if you are interested and we will provide you any information you may need. In the meantime, feel free to check us out at Thanks!


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That`s a really great news!