Monday, October 29, 2012

Engaging the Love Lady

The Love Lady is armed with her bow and arrow and looking to help you buy and sell precious loved items. Missy, from Divorce Your Jewels, specializes in dealing with authentic preowned Cartier jewelry, particularly Cartier Love bracelets. is a full service company with the ability to bring love to all parties. If there's a diamond not being utilized? Missy will find the item a new love. Have old gold jewelry laying around? Missy will buy what you have for cash so that you can get something new to love. Looking to bring your love to a whole new level? Missy is the ideal person to help you find that diamond engagement ring for a great price.

You can check out the online store, which is currently being updated with a full range of holiday items, to see a host of lovely jewels. On the flip side, Missy is widely available to buy the jewelry items you once loved. Call the Love Lady today!
Missy Schorr, the Love Lady

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