Monday, February 4, 2013

Private Devi Kroell Sale

When designers have private sample sales it sometimes comes off as if the brand is utilizing exclusionary marketing tactics to drum up attention. The privacy rules are usually more a necessity than a marketing ploy as department stores-- which are often a brand's biggest customer-- frown upon being undercut.

photo credit: NowFashion

Next week, Devi Kroell is hosting one of these "private" sample sales and we can only imagine that the sale has gone private to protect the amazing discounts. At the last sale, in October, we found lots of shoes and bags including hobos, envelops and an wide array of minaudieres. Prices of the in-season samples ranged between 80% and 90% off of retail.

The sale will run from Monday, February 11 to Friday, 15. To attend, shoppers must email for an appointment. Once your email is received you will be given a time slot and a long list of instructions. Shoppers are warned not to you not to arrive before their time slot and all belongings including cell phones will need to be checked. This is, after all, a no photos allowed private sample sale.

Devi Kroell Sample Sale
Monday, February 11 to Friday, 15
By appointment
55 Fifth Avenue, 17th Floor


Anonymous said...

Has anyone been? Is it good? I have an appointment late in the day tomorrow and am curious to know what's there...

Anonymous said...

I went Monday. All the python pumps and ballet flats were sold out by 1:00. The owner/ cashier also raised the prices of all the python bags. I had a medium python hobo in my hand at the sales desk marked $500, and he said the tag was wrong and raised the price to $1,000. I was not happy. He and his staff went around and raised the prices of all python bags, except the extra large sizes.

There still is a great selection of evening bags and large totes.