Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Walter Steiger's First Big Sample Sale

Walter Steiger is hosting a sample sale that was initially intended for only press but we all know that reporters can't keep a secret. Now that the shoe has dropped,  Steiger fans will be able to purchase the designer's shoes for a deep discount starting Thursday.

The sale is now open to the public but shopping is by appointment only. You can RSVP by by email or call 917-338-6413. Although the brand has hosted small sales of production samples, this is the first time the designer is hosting a large sample sale at their warehouse space. The merchandise will be a combination of production samples and over stock.

Walter Steiger Sample Sale
Thursday, April 11 through Saturday, April 13
9am to 7pm
325 Fifth Avenue @ 32nd St, Suite 38A
RSVP pressny@waltersteiger.com or 917-338-6413

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Anonymous said...

anyone check out this sale? updates on prices/stock?

Anonymous said...

i got 2 fabulous pairs for 100
paten open toe classic heal in tan and black this morning at 9 am

Anonymous said...

The pricing ranged between $50-200. There was a wall of sample shoes (slightly worn condition) for just $50 but the best selection was of course in large sizes like 40-41. They had gorgeous shearling fur lined boots that were a steal at $200 but sadly only in those large sizes. The selection was mostly high heels, there were a few kitten heels but no ballet flats. They also had a few clutches for $40-100. There will be no restocking so if you're a size 36-38 whatever little is left will surely be gone by tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Sane shopping environment where bargains abound for size 37-41with 41 offering the best selection, there were a few flats like the pony tulip flat in a small range of sizes. Prices are cheapest I've ever seen at a sample sale. If you work or live nearby, stop by as you may find an Oscar worthy claw heel addition to your wardrobe. For pic see http://garmentdistrictdiva.tumblr.com