Monday, September 30, 2013

Intermix 25% Off ANYTHING!

Dying for this season's IT item but just can't stand to pay full price? We know the feeling but we have a plan.  Intermix is hosting a sale where you can get 25% off a single item item. Online shoppers can use the code BDOCT13 at checkout.

The promotion only applies to non-sale items and begins today and runs through the end of the month. There appear to be no exclusions but we wouldn't be surprised if a sales associate snared while ringing you up for a number from Givenchy, Rick Owens, Saint Laurent, Alaia or the like.

Trendsetters will be happy to know that the code can be applied online for Vita Fede, which is turning out to be this season's hottest accessory lines. The code also works on Valentino, which means you can stop procrastinating about getting those RockStud pumps that never seem to make it to markdown. Mulberry and Proenza Schouler bags can also be a worthy use of your quarter-off discount.

Obviously, the best merchandise isn't found online. We would suggest doing a sweep of Intermix stores and knocking off your fall wish list one piece at a time.


Liz said...

I could marry you right now. I've been holding off on rockstuds forever, but I just couldn't resist this.

Intermix also inexplicably didn't charge shipping on the $800 pair of rockstud kitten heels even though they obviously have a physical presence in New York.

Liz said...

Oops sorry - correct of earlier statement - of course they didn't charge shipping because it was over $150, but they also didn't charge tax

Keiko said...
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Keiko said...

Hi The code works online only but in store, you have to show your ID because it is a BIRTHDAY code. boo

Tanzeena Huq said...

so you can only use the code if today is your birthday?

Anonymous said...

The code now doesn't work on valentino, bottega--most of the most desired lines. And all of the exclusives are now excluded as well. Bummer, I knew it was too good to be true.